January 20, 2020




Elder Rojas

But If Three's a Crowd...

...then what's 4??? Kind of cool, maybe.

So training two new elders from nothing has been quite the experience! We kind of switch off every day because we're in the same area still, so one day I'll be with Elder Sarmiento, the Peruano, and one day I'll be with Elder Mercer, from Colorado. Elder Mercer is good, he just has a hard time with lots of things. Like patience. Or for example he can't eat gluten, and all the gluten free food here is really expensive, so he stresses himself out a ton and then he shuts down. But when he gets out of the Pension he's fine! So the goal with him is just to get him out of the bed in the mornings and out the door when it's time.

But the best part of the week for sure came yesterday hehehe. I don't know if anyone remembers my story from a few weeks ago when Elder Rojas and I found a family of like 8 Paraguayans sitting together and we tried to teach them a lesson, but two of the sisters started to fight with us and we had to leave cuz they all started fighting each other as well. It was an experience.

After that we had begun to find out little by little where some of the siblings live, and yesterday I wanted to see if there was anyone home at the house where I suspected lived one of those sisters. So we went to the house yesterday and looked at the patio and THERE WERE 9 AGAIN AT THIS OTHER HOUSE. They all saw us and were like, "ay pasen pasen pasen!" So we passed and sat down and they were so nice and everyone was making jokes and they gave us tons of Paraguayan food and ice cream and soda; it was nuts haha. We taught a lesson and answered like 9 billion questions and at the end one guy said, "Ay if you come to my church I'll go to yours" soooo we're gonna see because, DALE, their church always has music coming out of it so we'll see.

But yeah! This is the last week of this transfer and then this area can go back to being two elders hopefully. On Saturday we find out if I'm leaving my area and if my second trainer will be Elder Rojas again or someone else! I would be ok with whatever happens.

Love you all bunches! Eat lots of burgers for me.

Elder A. Andreasen


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