January 6, 2020




Elder Rojas

Because throwing up at midnight is COOL

So one thing I forgot to include in my last email was how much I enjoy being lactose intolerant - on New Years Eve we were doing some foolishness in the Pension, being 6 elders and there was ice cream as well. I was like, "but surely I couldn't still be lactose intolerant" and I ate two huge slices of this delicious ice cream cake hehe. And all was well until I was throwing up in the bathroom early in the morning. I regret nothing

The good news is that we're gonna go get ice cream in a few minutes and neither then will I regret ice cream, because throwing up is COOL

Buuuuuut yeah this week was good! It featured an impressive amount of sunburns and being chased by dogs, so nothing is too new :,) but it was really good! We have some investigators that are really progressing, and we're gonna make tacos with them tonight haha, the younger boys and their friends that I sent pictures of the other week. But yeah!

And my dear brothers and sisters - I would that ye should imagine now: It is Christmas Eve, and you and your compañero just want to go buy a nice breakfast. You walk out of your pension at 7 in the morning, close the door, and realize, to the surprise of the entire neighborhood and probably all of South America, that you have left the keys inside. And that the door locks automatically. 

But fear not, friends, for there is a way to save yourself from this painful and embarrassing experience. Because you can climb on the roof, go to the backyard, and climb in through the window, but only if you're REALLY cool. Which I am. So really there wasn't a problem, but it was really funny igual, hahaha

Andddd I'm sure more happened but who can remember everything, right! Thanks for everything friends and family, 

Love you all! 

Elder Andreasen


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