December 24, 2019




Elder Rojas

Blanca Navidad

JOKES.  It's so hot here but it's all good hehe. The whitest thing in this ward is definitely me <dab>

This week was good! It really doesn't feel like Christmas just cause we're pretty much keeping to the same schedule and it's freaking hot but it's still awesome! It rained this week which was cool for about 4 seconds until it wasn't, and then tomorrow it's gonna rain too so it will be kind of like snow! haha

Yesterday we had zone conference and we watched remember the titans! I have never been so happy to watch a movie about the 2nd dumbest sport in the world haha, it was awesome

I GOT BIT BY A DOGbut it actually wasn't even that bad, we're praying that I don't get an infection and that it's just a bruise around the bite, not just yellow and brown for no reason whoops

Also I'm living like Harry Potter because in order to stop the buses here you LITERALLY just put out your right arm with your card just like how Harry Potter stops the Knight Bus I feel so cool every time

Also there are literally Pidgeys in Argentina I couldn't get any pics, but I'm literally living with Pokémon; help, it's amazing.

Also we have been teaching lots of great people here! We were going to have two baptisms this Saturday, a brother and sister, but they just fell through so we're gonna see what's up with them.

Today we hung out with three really cool boys, and we see lots of them cuz they're really awesome! One of them, Christian, is a really awesome guy. A recent convert, and he wants his friends to get the same happiness that he has! So he always invites us over when they're all together to hang out and teach them haha, it's so cool.
And they really remind me of my friends from Arizona, they always make jokes and today they were swimming and playing with a big rubber duck (not a flamingo, jarrett ;) ) and it made me small time trunky for friends hehe but all good!

But Life's awesome!
Hope everyone in Arizona is having an aweome Christmas season!

I pray for you all every day 

Merry Christmas!

Elder Andreasen

PS; My camera was dead for most of the week, sorry


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