December 16, 2019




Elder Rojas

Bell Peppers

Hola everyone!! I miss y'all bunches! But not too much, hehe

It rained this week which was nice! It has been a really hot summer and then we got good rain and now it's way humid but it's the price we pay.

Okay I'm just gonna try to send all of the random facts from this week and the others in one so be patient boyz we can do this:

Idk if I already said but we have bikes in our area! Our area is called Olmos B and we're in the Zone La Plata Sur! But yeah we have bikes and on Day 2 I definitely fell off and opened up my knee but it's all good hehe

Also one family gave me the biggest bell peppers I have ever seen in my entire life it was an amazing day but I forgot to take pictures rip

ALSO I BROKE my glasses in the MTC and I forgot to tell anyone, the glasses that I always wore haha rip rip rip

Also we drink mate and terere every day and they're both delicious, everyone should drink them every day 

OH and we were knocking doors this week, which here in order to "knock someone's door" you have to just clap outside their gate and then they come out and talk. Anyway we were doing that and three teenagers came out and we were just talking and chilling, and then they found out that I spoke English and they were like "WoAh YoU wHAt" and they were like "Do it bro speak English now" and I literally said 
"Hi my name is Elder Andreasen" and they all screamed and called their friends to listen to me haha it was nuts

But we had Milanesa which is like this delicious fried chicken a few times this week mmmm it was awesome. But we also had freaking cow stomach and then this disgusting cooked blood inside sausage idk it was narsty.

And I really thought I had more to say but sike! Thanks for all the love and prayers! 
I hope the pictures work haha, I didn't take too many but let's see

Con amor,

Elder Andreasen


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