December 9, 2019




Elder Rojas

Argentina, baby

Wow how quickly the time passed! Everything is awesome in Argentina!!! 
But the good news is before I got here I got to be companions with Elder Dallin St. Gelais! For like a day and on the plane to Argentina haha.

I am in the area Olmos in the Zone La Plata Sur and I am sooo happy to be here.
A lot of people here have really awesome farms! I love it hahah. In my area there are literally people from everywhere! I'm so blessed to have siblings who served in South America because it gives me something to talk about hehehe. Lots of people from Bolivia, Paraguay, and Peru, so I need my siblings and mother to send me all of their areas and how to speak Guaraní yuh yuh yuh
Guys, I thought being American would mean people would be like, "wah, I hate Americans," but it makes me heckin' famous, people love talking to me just because I'm American haha. One time we were talking to a drunk guy and I wasn't even halfway through a sentence with him when he said in drunk Castellano that he really liked me hahaha
ALSO ALERT: If any of you lucky souls have received a mission call to Argentina speaking the Spanish language, disregard the last part - they do NOT speak Spanish here. It is CASTELLANO. Half of the time I can't understand what people are saying because ppl who don't have as much education just don't pronounce their words at all. But I do really like the accent and I'm getting the hang of it! 
The sad thing is that I learned all of this Mexican slang in the CCM and none of it exists here! But I'm learning hehehe
We drink mate and terere everyday and it is SO GOOD ooh baby boy
Elder Rojas is so awesome! We have so so so much fun every day and we were able to put a ton of baptismal dates this week! Una banda amigo fua yuh yuh yuh yuh we'll see what happens with those!!
He has a guitar and he's teaching me how to play! We have tons of fun with it
But yeah everything's awesome here!! I love the work and Argentina. I have so much more to tell but so little time like how I broke my glasses whoops haha! Ask me about it hehe love you all so much!! 
Also amigos--those of you who are going on missions pls gather and listen to my advice, a seasoned missionary of 4 weeks. The KEY to la obra misional. is. Ugly and Fat ties. You handsome young lads (Josh, Reagan) who are planning on taking these skinny, handsome ties, leave them at home. I didn't trust Elder Rojas, but it is the key. the KEY. 
For Christmas please send me equal amounts of fat and ugly ties as cool skinny and floral and whatever else ties cuz I can wear them all hehe. But remember, remember, my friends: Corbatas feas y gorditas.
Con amor,

Elder A. Andreasen

Fotos:1.  Yo with sopa de maní, the world famous Bolivian soup my Madre has talked about for so long
2.  Elder Capo Rojas y yo
3.  Elder Rojas y yo y our corbatas feas y gordas
4.  Elder St. Gelais, my comp on the plane to Argentina


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