November 27, 2019


Mexico MTC


Elder Acosta


Listen guys, I am SORRY that my emails are always so bad but this time might be better, you never know.

My favorite part about being in Mexico is that everyone here does things that I did in like second grade. There's one elder in my district who always does the thing where you make the "nice" symbol and when someone looks at it you get to punch them lol, and another always points at people's ties and then flicks them when they look down; it's so bad hahaha.
I also have taught everyone the "woah", and it's my favorite thing, they love it
ALSO my brother had the nerve to sing a musical number without flaws in front of the whole CCM and not invite me to sing with him, smh, but it was so good kudos to my cuate (fraternal twin)
And at the devotional as well my guy Elder Lopez had to give the English! I wrote it out for him and he did super well, I understood every word even though he's not a native speaker. 
On Sunday Hermana Opager and I are gonna sing a Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief in Spanish and I'm hyped. Also our district is singing peace in Christ in our sacrament meeting so that's cool!
Today I got my itinerary! I fly to Panama on Monday the 2nd and then to Buenos Aires at 10 at night rip. But so crazy that it's already my last weekend at the CCM! It's been so fun here really. "And our lives did pass before us as if it were a dream", or something like that hehe.
Also I really do stand out here with the red hair guys. But it lowkey helps because when we do practice discussions people are like "Oh and you're not from here are you?" and I say "oh no I'm from AZ but I'm here for mY miSSiOn" and bam they get to try the pain that is pictures, if they send out of order then sowwy
1. Elder Knight!!
2. I can't remember what it was and I can't see the picture now sorry sorry
3. Trip to the temple i think
4. Elder Hamblin
5. Your fav white-mexican companionship
6. Random head
Ok so the one of the temple with our district, Distrito 1D! From left to right we are 
Acosta (companion, from Pachuca mexico), Elderes Andreasen (yours truly), Cuevas (Oaxaca Mexico), Biggers (Salem Utah), Pagano (Buenos Aires Argentina), y Del Valle (Vera Cruz Mexico) and the Hermanas Mariscal (Chihuahua Mexico), Opager (Portland Oregon), Gonzalez (Gilbert!!), and Herrera (Ciudad de Mexico) and that's us!
Not featured in the temple pic but yes in the others are the Elders Velandia (Colombia) And Lopez (Puebla Mexico)
And the lunch one should have everyone there. So sorry if the pictures don't work

Con amor,

Elder A. Andreasen


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