November 20, 2019


Mexico MTC


Elder Acosta

They call me Mystery Corn Dog

This week was super super good! As someone told me, the days go slow and the weeks go fast haha.
But everything is great! I was inspired by how bad my last email was that I wrote down all the stuff I want to put in this one haha, so we'll see how it goes!
So my district is really really awesome, I love them all! There are 12 people, 8 boys and 4 girls, including 4 ppl like me who tested out of Spanish.
For some reason everyone here calls me Peter Parker because they think I look like the Spiderman that died in Spiderverse but it feels a little like cultural appropriation cuz I don't look ANYTHING like him, help.
Also so sad is that I have the Standard of Truth memorized in English and my friend from Argentina says that I have to memorize it in Spanish.  Ripppp to all my Crismon Warders back home
Ok listen: yardy know I'm so bad at telling stories and this one probably won't even be funny but pls put up with it for my sake, or don't, it doesn't matter hehe.
But I went to lunch one day with my district, and the lunch was corn dogs--two corn dogs per plate. Got my plate, left it on the table, and then I went to go to the bathroom or something without my plate. Came back, and tHeRe wErE tHreE corn dogs on my plate okay. I saw Elder De Valle's plate that he only had 1, so I just assumed that he gave me one he didn't want so I put it back on his plate and then totally forgot about it. 1 minute later and we're both screaming, crying, laughing because he wanted to know why he had to eat it and he wanted to make me eat it but why would I dothatwhenIdidn'tevengetthecorndoginthefirstplace and eventually we figured it out but it was sooooo funny I wish I could explain it better haha. In the end it was a total mystery where it came from haha.
Today we went to the temple and that was awesome!!

Random super nice guy that made me cry because he looks like my friend Reagan
Trip to the temple! From left to right Elder Velandia from Colombia, Elder Lopez, yo. Elder Cuevas, and Elder Acosta
My airport buddy


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