November 17, 2019


Mexico MTC


Elder Acosta

White dot

Hola todos!!!!! I can't even BEGIN to describe what a week it's been, but I'll try!
Even though at the airport everyone was like "oh yeah, you won't be the only missionary on the airplane, bro, don't worry." OK, so LIES. LIES.
I was the only missionary on the flight from Phoenix to Mexico and the flight attendant was like "Dang, aren't there normally more of you guys for these flights or are you all alone?" and I literally had to say the words "I'm all alone." Goodbye sanity, haha, but it's all good. They let me drink Coke Zero on the plane, and i WAS SO HAPPY
Anyway, but I found Elder Clawson, a cool missionary from North Carolina who also tested out for Spanish, so we're chillin'. Made it to the MTC and then went straight to the Cafeteria and saw my friends from Arizona!! Saw Elders St. Gelais, Burns, and more, and then I saw Elders Wormell and Knight later!I know there are more, but I can't remember, haha. Benjamin, and that was a cool reunion. And just when I thought I had escaped people from Arizona, my zone leader is the friend of a friend from Gilbert!! Elder Marshall Conley.
I wish I could tell you how little time there is to do anything, haha, my days are so full!! Nothing wrong with that though.
Also, imagine that you go to a foreign country and none of your teachers speaks English and neither does your companion. Crazy! But Elder Acosta and I get along pretty well! He's from Pachuca, Mexico, and he's super patient with my struggling Spanish, and he's very nice haha. 
And that's what's up!
Sorry this email was so bad and I'll try to attach some pics if I can yee yee. 
Pictures:  From left to right in the center picture is Elder Acosta (my companion), me, Elder Cuevas, y el elder Biggers from Salem, Utah. Love you!


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