November 2, 2015


Ammon, Idaho


Transfers and Training !!

President told me that Im being transferred to an English Area next transfer, I just don't know yet. I hope its Star Valley or up by Jackson for the winter(; hehehe Yeah I think Id love training, I just don't feel ready yet because I have a lot that I still need to learn. President and I had a great chat last week. Turns out that he knows The Fishes!! I guess they're pretty good friends. The only story I have is that one of the less actives that we're teaching beat up one of our investigators in a friendly little wrestle. Haha. Missionary Work here is tough because most companionships in this mission cover at least 7 wards. (Our missionaries back home have it easy with only 2 wards:) hahaha I love the mission. I love the book of mormon. The book of Mormon has become my "Seer Stones" In a sense because I can just read it and teaches me how to focus to receive revelation. I've started to keep a small journal with me that I carry I around with me all the time. Whenever I receive an impression or revelation, I immediately write it down in my journal. I call it, " The Book of Moyes" hahaha but anyways, Its now been 4 months and 1 week since the last time that i've heard a Kenny Chesney song. I think that's been the hardest part about the mission. Other than that, not a lot has happened this last week.

We set a date for one of our families for the 7th, and we reeeeeally wanted a baptism before we both left the area. But we felt like they weren't ready for baptism, so we changed the date to the 21st, after Elder Ibarra and I would be transferred out of the area. So that was really hard. But we also did service up in the mountains and it was sooooo nice to see Pine trees and the woods. Very reviving.

I was just told 5 minutes ago by the assistants that I'm training next transfer and that's all I know right now. I'm freaking out!!! I don't feel ready at all!!
Please pray for me as much as you can because I'm so scared. And the letters and packages help out soo much. If you can write letters or send the dear elders today, i usually will get them during the week which helps me out when Im feeling down or discouraged. Also send pictures of Jordan and The Tomb. I really need to see those pictures.. Anyways, I love you guys so much and please please please pray for me. Love you!!

-Elder Moyes
Also please listen to "SAFETY FOR THE SOUL" by Elder Holland. Itll knock your socks off(; Haha

Elder Alex Moyes
135 S 7th St
Pocatello, Idaho 83201


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