October 19, 2015


Ammon, Idaho


Still Hunting Season

Its still Hunting Season and practically every priesthood holder in Idaho is gone Hunting! Its pretty hard to focus on the work when all of your Ward Mission Leaders are talking about the buck or Elk that they shot haha.
Misc: So I found out that that one of the Sister Missionaries in my district is 39 YEARS OLD!! Thats like me being in the same district as Aunt Maria or Bishop hahaha.

FUNNY STORIES 1. On Saturday we took 3 of our Progressing Investigators on a church tour and it went very well. Anyways, One of the Investigator's Daughters is 18 months old and was playing on the pew (we were in the chapel) and she falls face first and hits her face straight on the floor. HAHAHA It was so funny but not at the moment! I was pretty sure that she was dead. But she's okay now.
2. My companion and I were in the more wealthier part of Ammon and we came to this really big house. We knock on the door and this 17-18 year old girl opens the door in her immodest Pajamas, chewing on gum and twisting her hair. We ask, "Hey were the spanish missoinaries in the area and were just curious if you know any Hispanics that live in the area? Are your Parents home?" She smiles and says, "No, but you guys can come in! I know you have a rule to not be alone with girls but we can make it super quick and talk about....Hispanics right? Itll be okay!"
I look at my companion and then her and say, "Mmmmmm NAH." HAHAHAHA. The bathshebas are out!

COMPANION: Still the same. He's a good Elder, Its just difficult for me because his way of doing Missionary work isn't my way of doing Missionary Work and its really frustrating. If I don't do something his way, He usually rebukes me. So, not a lot of friendly moral support haha...

SPIRITUAL: My new Favorite Talk is "A summer with Aunt Rose" by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf from this last General Conference. My companion and I listen to it everyday in the car because its a great reminder of what the gospel is all about. Ive come to realize that the Church here in Idaho is TOTALLY different than it is in Arizona. Its a Culture here, a way of life. We have an average of meeting about 3 Less Actives everyday who were offended when they were younger and we usually come across Anti Mormon crap EVERYDAY! The gospel is all about Love. Sometimes I feel like people here don't even know what the Gospel is! Because all they focus on is on the church and not on Christ. Helaman exhorted his sons Nephi and Lehi to build their foundations on CHRIST!! Not the church!! I hope that you all remember in your hearts who we represent and our responsibility as "Examples of the believers"

Love you all!

-Former Trout Commander


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