October 12, 2015


Ammon, Idaho


Idaho Idaho Ida Ida Idaho

Hey folks sorry its been awile! So Im pretty lazy and Im going to steal Taylors format of weekly email hehe.

MISC: So Ive come to realize that there are 4 types of people in Idaho!
1. Mormons
2. Less Active Mormons who hate Mormons
3. Non Mormons who hate Mormons
4. And Non Mormons who move to Idaho from California (We usually have the most baptisms out of this group haha)

Everyone is telling me that its going to hit -40 this winter... and Im confident that Im going to freeze to death. They say, "just wear layers!!" So if any of you see a missionary who cant put his arms down (Like in 'The Christmas story') Thats probably me haha.

FUNNY STORIES 1. So Ive seen a lot of weird things since Ive been here in Potato Country. A LOT of weird things. We were tracting in a trailer court the other day or as Toby Keith says, "Trailerhood" and we see this little mexican girl swinging her head around because her little Pet Chihuahua is holding on to her hair with its mouth and she is SCREAMING hahaha. Also, I live in a house with 3 other elders and one of them is a bit different. Him and I stayed up late one night talking and he started balling his eyes out crying. I asked, "whats wrong man?" He replies " My Dad sent me a letter saying that we can't trust the government anymore. He said that he believes that theres going to be a holocaust but this time for the mormons. I think there going to start East and then move their way west. We should text the zone and tell them so they have time to prepare!!" I walked out of the room saying that I had to go to the bathroom but I just ran to my room and died laughing. Haha, He's a good kid.

COMPANION: My companion is pretty tough. All of my companions so far have been Mexican and they kinda do things... differently haha. But he's a good kid.

INSPIRATIONAL: I was reading in the bible dictionary the other day on FAITH. I highly recommend it!

SPIRITUAL: This last wednesday my companion and I had to do splits and so me and one of my ward mission leaders went to a lesson for one of our progressing "Alligators". Her name is Carmen and shes golden!! I was afraid for this lesson because I didnt want to blow it. We taught her that gospel of Jesus Christ and at the end of the lesson I invited her to be baptized and she accepted! And then I felt this incredible prompting to ask her daughter who was isolated on the side of the room. She sat for a moment and thought, then smiled and said YES! Its hard to write this because you have to be there to really understand the emotion that is involved. Its truly liberating and a wonderful feeling.

Anyways, Love you all!

-Former Trout Commander


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