July 18, 2019


Offenbach, Germany


Elder Seth Rimer

Week 53: Baptismal Interview in French

This week went by too fast. It felt like we just had pday and now we have it again!

Friday was pretty good, we had our District Council Meeting.

On Saturday we did our studies and we did some area book work and then that night we went to a member's house named Troy and had tacos for dinner. It's always fun having dinner with Troy because he's a single guy and he's way chill.

On Sunday we had church and afterwards we went with a member to another member's apartment for lunch. She is an older lady and made way good stuffed bell peppers! Then later that night we did studies and stuff.

On Monday we had Zone Conference at the Offenbach church building. We talked a lot about the standards of excellence in our mission which is basically what are goals should be. We also talked a lot about the Temple and how that should be our true goal with the people we are working with. It was also great seeing many old missionary friends!

On Tuesday we had a couple of different appointments. We are currently helping a way cool guy from Iran stop smoking. He is making really good progress and its really exciting. We also met with a woman from Ghana. Then we had Branch Council with many of the leaders of the Branch.

On Wednesday we had another appointment with the Iranian guy then we went to Frankfurt so I could give a baptismal interview to a woman named Arnoude. She is from Cameroon so we used a French translator over the phone to communicate. She did great and passed the interview and she's getting baptized this Saturday. She was a total miracle story:
My friend who just got home from his mission served in Frankfurt and was teaching her and then things just didn't work out and no one really knew what happened. So on my friends last day he went and met with her again and set her up with the sister missionaries in Frankfurt! Now she is totally ready and is getting baptized this Saturday!

Later that day we met with Orlando who is the Ghanaian guy who is getting baptized in a couple weeks. We taught him more and he accepted everything! So things are going really well right now in the Offenbach District and time is going by quick!

Have an awesome week!
Elder Rich


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