November 28, 2018


Bitburg / Trier Germany


Elder Michael Shinedling

Friday night at the Christmas Market........

Liebe Freunde und Familie,

I hope you all had a great week-- I sure did!

On Saturday we helped a father move a piano that was unbelievably heavy!

On Sunday we got a new Bishop. We used to have a Belgian Bishop but now we have an American Bishop who is super awesome and I like him a lot. We are actually going over to their house tonight for dinner. He is audiologist in the Air Force so he doesn't have to deploy, which is obviously great for a Bishop!

On Monday we had district council in Saarbrücken and afterwards we went to Kaiserslautern for a split with the zone leaders. I was with Elder Webster and he is a stud! We had a dinner appointment that night with a less active member and his non-member wife and that was a blast!

On Tuesday we helped the same guy who we helped move the piano work on his car. He is super awesome and we went on base with him and did service for him by helping him with his car. It was a lot of fun and a nice change for a little while. And then he ordered pizza from AMERICAN PIZZA-HUT and it was awesome!

We also helped a less-active father renovate his house. It was really fun because for most of the time I got to smash the bathroom tiles! And that was pretty much our week.

The Christmas markets are open in Trier and they are so cool. I had a Romanian dish of sautéed mushrooms and potatoes with a sauce that was AMAZING! I also had really good churros from a French company and they were crazy good too!

As far as our people were teaching, they have either been out of town or really busy so we mostly went finding and focusing on member-activity work and part-member families. I have totally seen the success of our efforts. We went finding in Trier and we got a couple of phone numbers that was promising so I look forward to see how they play out. I hope all of you are doing well in the states!

Oh, I had a super cool experience on Friday night! We were at the Christmas market in Trier and a man walked up to be and asked if he could take a picture with me. I said "Of course" and it turns out, he is a completely inactive member. He wanted to send the picture to his mom who is still very active in the Church. We talked for a while and he ended up inviting us over to his house. The problem was that he lives in another area of the mission but not too far away. So we ended up going on a split with the zone leaders. Elder Webster, who is a zone leader, and I went over to his house and had dinner. He made us "vampire tacos" which is basically a quesadilla and a shrimp taco combined with a sauce which was so good. He then made us Crème Brule that was super good. And then he made us a cinnamon and Carmel apple cider that was outstanding. As we left he gave us an American pizza from on base to eat later. Long story short, this guy is a Baller. We have another appointment on the 10th of December so I look forward to seeing him. He is a great guy but he has become an agnostic and basically an atheist which is really sad. We're trying to help bring him back so I look forward to see how things work out with him.

Also some super great news, we found a building in Trier to have church in so we're going to start meeting there hopefully January 13. The contract isn't signed yet but it looks really good so keep your fingers crossed! This area has been waiting for like almost 8 months for a building and the Lord has totally blessed us with one. We're all so happy! And all of our hard work is starting to pay off!!!

Love, Elder Rich


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