August 10, 2018


Bitburg / Trier Germany


Elder Tyler Robinson

Hottest Summer in 200 Years!

This week has been crazy. We did a missionary split from Tuesday until Wednesday and we also had district meeting on Wednesday. We also have had a lot of dinner appointments this week which is really unusual. My companion and I are getting along really well. We have a lot in common so we have a lot to talk about. As far as the weather goes, it has been really hot. And the worst part is that we don't have an air conditioner so we have several fans so we can attempt to keep the apartment cool. On Tuesday I was in Trier and it was 99 degrees and it was NUTS!! It is starting to cool down so that is nice. Today we were able to go shopping and got some good food. One of the best things about P-Day is that we always get a chocolate milk that is 1.5 liters for each of us. We usually drink it by the end of the day. We also went on the Air Force base and went to the store and also played basketball at their gym. One thing that is different about the Mission is that Sundays are one of the busiest days during the week. When I was at home I would go to church and then just hang out or something. But here we go to Ward Council, church, and then we are out again doing appointments and then we usually have a dinner appointment so its kind of crazy on Sunday. But its definitely a good busy because I know that I am doing the Lord's work! Another great thing that I have found out on my mission is how awesome is. There are so many really cool talks and everything on it! Well that's all for now, till next week!


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