July 10, 2018


Preston, England MTC


Elder Ellsworth & Elder Brewer

Week 2: Gospel Training, Sightseeing, and Marajuana??

Today is the second P-Day already! It is crazy how fast time is flying here. I can honestly say that I am super tired at the end of everyday. I am not so much physically tired, but I am super mentally tired of just reading and studying for so long each day. Not to mention that most of my classes are in German. Most days we have an hour and a half for workout time. I either go on a companionship exchange where I can be with a different partner and go work out, or I go play soccer with the rest of missionaries. The elder that I met while I was still in Arizona getting ready to get on the plane, Elder Haws, is definitley one of my best friends on my missoin so far. We have the same personality and we laugh a lot each day. One of my favorite parts of each day is from 9 to 10:30 at night because we have free time as long as were are upstairs in the residence halls. The elders just hang out and talk. Sherri's old missionary companion lives in Chorley and brought me some treats and stuff. It was super cool of her to do that and it was nice getting a package. I was able to go prostelyting two times to the big city of Manchester and it was really fun. It's crazy how open some of these people are with us. This one Romanian guy rolled up marijuana and started smoking it right in front of our face while we were talking to him about God and why we are here and stuff HAHA!!! This week we were also able to go on church history tour in Preston, England. It was really interesting because I was able to see where the first baptisms were in Great Britain. We actually saw the river where they were baptized. I also saw an apartment where our former Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley lived for a while during his mission. My German language skills are definitley improving and I'm excited to use them for real in Germany! Its funny because everybody tells me that it is cloudy all the time in England and it rains here almost everyday. Since I've been here it has never rained and its only been partly cloudy like two of those days. Its actually been the hottest summer here in the last 200 years-- 65 to 75 degrees in fahrenheit! The problem is the humidity is pretty high so it feels hotter than it actually is. It was so hot in the church building that the guy conducting told the missionaries to take our suit coats off because there was no air conditioning in the building. I am loving my mission so far and its really fun!! I cant wait to tell you the adventures that I have this week because next time I write-- I will be in the MOTHERLAND!!!
Elder Rich (Alex)


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