November 12, 2018


Cazones, Veracruz


Elder Tyler Miller

Week 13-"Guatemala? Is that a little ranch town or something?"

-being offered 10 lbs of mandarin, green, and baby oranges from a member and then eating all of them myself)
-Elder Miller saving the Branch President's dog from being ripped to shreds by two pitbulls
-turns out there's mosquito trucks in Mexico two which is great. Except when you're trying to street contact and then suddenly you can't breathe or see
-Shaking hands goodbye with a kid from Primary and then him sneexing in our hands
-talking to an member and putting the emphasis on the woring part of my question and asking, "Wait,why were YOU baptized?"
-doing divisions with Elder Mazariegos and talking to a young kid who asked where he was from. When Elder Mazariegos replied that he was from Guatemala, the kid looked confused and asked,"Huh, never heard of that. Is that a little town around here?" And Elder Mazagriegos just was so shocked and sad and just yelled,"No! It's a country, man!"

I just love seeing little signs every week that all success and blessings is given of God. We had the amazing opportunity this week to talk about the Plan of Salvation with a woman named Daniela. After talking about Lehi's dream and describing the white robes and aura that Christ had, Daniela stopped us and said that she thought that was interesting because she had had a dream with a man just like that.

When she was 7 yrs old, Daniela had had a dream where a man dressed in (super duper white) appeared to her. She also remembered being in a room that was completely white with her family surrounding her. Elder Miller and I were just struck for a moment and then proceeded to tell her that that is exactly how the temple looks on the inside. The Spirit was extremely strong in that lesson and we all almost cried. It just goes to show that God prepares people! We just have to invite and then we see the miracles.

Enjoy your week and always find someone to serve!

Elder Ahlstrom
La Mision Xalapa, Mexico
August 2018- August 2020


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