October 29, 2018


Cazones, Veracruz


Elder Tyler Miller

Week 11- "So we have this thing on your roof..."

-bolovones, ham, cheese, and jalapeño sandwiches with Chocomilk are the way to go in the morning for $1.50
-eating beans rice and shark! Tastes pretty great after 4 hrs of working
-understanding a story in Portugese about fishing and accidently catching a snake by one of the Brazillian missionaries
-finding out we're gonna have a short show to explain the missionary life to the investigators in our zone and I get DANCE in it! Traditional Mexican Style!
-trying to figure out how to throw Mexican tops and then accidently whipping it onto the roof of some random house. Sweet contacting opportunity though
-eating fish for the first time! Eating seafood everyday here because we're on the coast is a lie, that stuff's expensive
-learning that fear is when a 3 inch cockroah suddenly jumps out of your books and FLIES towards your FACE
-sadly finding out the previously mentioned shark was actually sardines

Mexico has entered it's wet season but unfortunately, this has resulted in some major flooding in some areas. Our zone was called in as emergency help to clean houses in a neighboring zone called Tuxpan 2 hrs away. My group worked in a neighborhood that now had a lake up to our knees sitting in the middle of it. Everyone that remembers the Colorado floods from a few years ago, just picture that except with piles and piles of more trash and no insurence to replace anything.

We helped clean out one elderly lady's house that told me that every possession she owned was now soaked in mud, her husband was sick in the hospital, she had no children nearby, a snake in her polluted well, a tarantula in a pile of cement that had gotten wet in her house, and her dead dog floating in the pond of her front yard. She told me she just felt like crying. And I almost cried with her. I have never wanted to help so many people so bed and yet felt so unable to do anything meaningful for them.

But this is what the Gospel's for right? And this is why I'm out here serving a mission. To tell people when they feel they've hit rock bottom that there is ALWAYS hope because of Christ. The opportunities to share the message of the Gospel with these people was priceless. Oh how many there are now that have remembered there is a God in heaven because they are alive and have that and more to be thankful for.

This email was a bit heavy but I hope you all have a great Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos! Viva Veracruz!

Elder Ahlstrom
La Mision Xalapa, Mexico
August 2018- August 2020


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