October 15, 2018


Cazones, Veracruz


Elder Tyler Miller

Week 9 "You expect me to pay a whole US dollar for that??"

Buenas tardes!

Conference was a way spiritually uplifting experience, even only understanding half of it in Spanish, but it didn't start off so smooth here. First, we had to go to the church to watch it but nothing's set up. So to set up the projector and other equipment, we go to the branch office to get the laptop. But it's locked. So we go to the branch president's to get the keys but there's no charger. So we go to a kid's house to borrow his charger but he lived at his grandma's house and has since left on his mission. So we go to the grandma's, get the charger, get the laptop, get the keys, set up and......the power's out.

But other fun stuff from this week:
-finding out I have been in the mission as long as Elder Miller has played Call of Duty (54 DAYS worth of hours are clocked on his xbox)
-the real salsa is so hot it gives me hiccups everytime I eat it
-got a package from my Mom! Beef jerkey, oatmeal, and pop tarts hallelujah! (And I know my Mom really misses me because the pop tarts even have frosting on them!)
-eating specially made American hamburgers at a members house. My appetite{s grown a lot already because I ate 5
- getting so accustomed to cheap food that we get a little outraged at stuff sold in bigger stores. E.g. "19 pesos for 6 muffins? How dare they!!" (and that's about one US dollar)

All this eating has been super fun, but I guess my digestive system finally paid the price this weekend when I threw it all up Friday night. But laying in bed all of Sat with a fever gave me some time to think about more spiritual things. I´ve been rereading the Book of Mormon first in English, and then in Spanish out loud, 4 pages a day, and 1 Nefi 16:20 really stuck out to me this time. Here, Nefi has just broken his bow and his brothers are murmuring at him because they and their families are hungry. But I had forgotten that Lehi had complained against the Lord as well. It made me wonder, what does it take to make a prophet of God murmur against the Lord?

None of us are safe from temptation or complaining. In the hard parts of our lives, we can't give in to the temptation to complain about how difficult things are for us because of our circumstances. We have to cling to the gospel even harder to make it through our trials.

Hope you're all having fun choosing your Halloween costumes!
Elder Ahlstrom
La Mision Xalapa, Mexico
August 2018- August 2020


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