August 13, 2018


Mexico MTC


Elder Tyler Miller

Arriving in Mexico and CCM

Also, I got here safely, I think they just didn't know my flight number or didn't know if I was coming because I was just waiting at the airport for an hour. But I borrowed a couple guys phones and I´m here! The woman next to me on the flight was an inactive member and ballerina so I had a sweet conversation with her.
If you could send all those emails to me that'd be sweet! (Also, this keyboard is weird)
Haha, I know. I don't exist according to them either. I don't have a schedule or a name tag or anything so right now I'm walking around with a name tag that says Elder Muller with the two dots over the U, so Gutentag haha.

One other thing, my water bottle spilled in my bag on the flight over so all my papers were kinda ruined. I've already copied my Chase, Driver's License, Medical Cards, and Recommend. I just need you to email me the medical records again so I can print those out.

Got lumped with a couple other guys in the 3 week program last night, slept on some cushions on the floor, that was hard. One of them is going to Xalapa so that's cool. The Dominicans are impossible to understand but oh well.

Tell them I miss them too and I love the drawings they made for me!

Love you guys!

I´ll let you know how this week goes!

Elder Ahlstrom


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