Photos Date Area Title
October 31, 2017 We are praying for you to have a wonderful week and to finish strong!
October 30, 2017 Mereno I'll see you in a week!
October 23, 2017 Mereno I'm doing well!
October 15, 2017 Mereno Happy Argentine Mother's Day Gift!
October 9, 2017 Mereno Love your son, Elder Durfee
October 7, 2017 Buenos Aires It's always worth it to sharpen your ax or in the parable, fix your chain and fill your tires).
October 5, 2017 Buenos Aires Note from Mission Office- Travel Itinerary for Elder Durfee's Return!! :)
September 29, 2017 Buenos Aires Love You All!!
September 23, 2017 Buenos Aires "Yes I would love for you to call and visit me to share your message of Christ with me,
September 18, 2017 Buenos Aires He accepted, more committed then ever before.
September 18, 2017 Buenos Aires I will write :)
September 9, 2017 Buenos Aires Photos and Voice recording (sadly not playable)
August 26, 2017 Buenos Aires Voice recording and condolences for Olive the dog's passing.
August 19, 2017 Buenos Aires Another voice recording letter
August 12, 2017 Buenos Aires Love & 2 voice recordings!
August 5, 2017 Buenos Aires Love & a voice recording!
July 29, 2017 Buenos Aires I'm glad that the Lord is taking care of us all!
July 21, 2017 Buenos Aires The worth of souls is great in the sight of God.
July 17, 2017 Buenos Aires My favorite part of the week was that we were able to find Nor-.
July 10, 2017 Buenos Aires Pictures! (and a letter and audio recording!)
July 3, 2017 Buenos Aires I know that He lives, and holds his healing arms out to all mankind.
June 26, 2017 Buenos Aires I Feel the Strength of Your Prayers
June 19, 2017 Buenos Aires Happy Father's Day!/ Mission life/News/Saying goodbye to President Robertson
June 10, 2017 Buenos Aires Today is my p-day! I forgot to tell you!
June 5, 2017 Buenos Aires Living the gospel is the only way to be a fisherman of their own spiritual experiences
May 29, 2017 Buenos Aires "Life is not a test it is a opportunity to grow and become."
May 22, 2017 Buenos Aires We were so sorry to hear about another loss in your family!
May 22, 2017 Buenos Aires Lightened by Christ
May 15, 2017 Buenos Aires Shine your light!
May 8, 2017 Buenos Aires God watches out for his children willing to believe in Christ (Helaman 14:13)
May 1, 2017 Buenos Aires Thank you for all the service letters you've sent me :)
April 24, 2017 Buenos Aires This last week we were able to do some great things!
April 8, 2017 Buenos Aires I'm learning more and more every day.
April 3, 2017 Buenos Aires I was transferred to the mission offices!
March 27, 2017 Santos Lugares "What level of miracles do we allow God to give us for our faith?"
March 20, 2017 Santos Lugares We had 3 investigators come to church for the first time and one for the second time.
March 13, 2017 Santos Lugares Obedience is Better Than Sacrifice
March 6, 2017 Santos Lugares "Don't worry, I will read this whole book that you gave me. "
March 1, 2017 Santos Lugares I love being in the mission! Every day is a new adventure; inviting, committing, finding, and hoping in faith.
February 20, 2017 Junin "Do we move the work? Or do we just maintain what we have been given?"
February 13, 2017 Junin Analogy of the Faith Incubator
February 6, 2017 Junin This week I'm just sending my testimony! :)
January 30, 2017 Junin We know the Lord is preparing many people in many places to receive the restored gospel :)
January 23, 2017 Junin As a District leader I got to go to a meeting with other missionaries and Elder Stevenson!
January 16, 2017 Junin Yes I did get the Christmas cards a week ago. (Editors Note: Finally,! - We mailed them just after Thanksgiving!)
January 9, 2017 Junin Junin is a great area!
January 2, 2017 Junin Well I'm doing great :)
December 27, 2016 Junin Tean's Passing
December 26, 2016 Junin Merry Christmas Family!
December 19, 2016 Junin I have felt the comfort of Christ and that evening, I saw it touch the hearts of this family.
December 12, 2016 Paso Del Rey I don't know Gods will nor His plans but what I do know is that all of His works have purposes.
December 8, 2016 Paso Del Rey Letter From President Robertson When Tean Passed
December 5, 2016 Paso Del Rey Each one of us were able to baptize someone!
November 28, 2016 Paso Del Rey We are looking forward to the baptism of our investigators
November 21, 2016 Paso Del Rey People are taught from within by the spirit
November 7, 2016 Paso Del Rey We are here to teach and invite men to become fishermen.
October 31, 2016 Paso Del Rey Building a friendship with those we teach
October 25, 2016 Paso Del Rey I'm well, enjoying every beautiful Argentine day that the Lord has given me to cultivate His vineyard.
October 17, 2016 Paso Del Rey "If you're 10 minutes early, you're 5 minutes late."
October 16, 2016 Note from Elder Mark Bragg
October 10, 2016 Paso Del Rey I'm loving the mission!
October 4, 2016 Paso Del Rey I want to worship GOD by doing two things: inviting and being grateful.
September 26, 2016 Life is like a class, and you grow according to what you put in to it.
September 19, 2016 Paso Del Rey I'm happy to be a missionary here and now! :)
September 12, 2016 Paso Del Rey Quick note home plus a voice recording! :)
September 5, 2016 Paso Del Rey Remember that the Lord will ease your burdens if you with patience pray and stay faithful.
August 29, 2016 Paso Del Rey Yes, normally we wash our clothes in buckets.
August 22, 2016 Paso Del Rey "What more can we do to show our faith?
August 15, 2016 Paso Del Rey "You missionaries are blessing/helping your families (right now) out in the mission field, more than you ever could if you were in their presence.
August 10, 2016 Paso Del Rey I'm in the new area of Paso Del Rey and it's great!
August 9, 2016 Ituzaingo The seeds my companion and I planted will grow. (There sure are some good ones!)
August 1, 2016 Ituzaingo Itauzaingo
July 25, 2016 Ituzaingo Little words and lots of power
July 18, 2016 Ituzaingo Hello Family
July 11, 2016 Ituzaingo How great is missionary work!
July 4, 2016 Ituzaingo How grateful I am to be here serving the Lord as his angel!
June 27, 2016 Ituzaingo sometimes when we rush too fast we miss an important step and end up burning ourselves.
June 20, 2016 Ituzaingo This really is the time of a lifetime :)
June 13, 2016 Ituzaingo How Great Is Our Calling!
June 6, 2016 Ituzaingo "Mission Power!!"
May 30, 2016 Ituzaingo Letter to Family
May 23, 2016 Ituzaingo So we went on a prompting and guess what?
May 23, 2016 Ituzaingo Note to Family
May 16, 2016 Ituzaingo ¨Wow I wonder what I need to do to one day be able to go to that big church?¨
May 9, 2016 Ituzaingo Happy Mothers Day skype visit!
May 2, 2016 Ituzaingo The children bounce with joy when they see us knock the door saying, "The missionaries are here!"
April 25, 2016 Ituzaingo This week was wonderful!!
April 18, 2016 Ituzaingo April 18 Note to family
April 11, 2016 Ituzaingo All is Well
April 4, 2016 Ituzaingo Letter to Family
April 4, 2016 Ituzaingo New Area - Itazaingo
March 28, 2016 Chacabuco, Argentina Saying good bye to Chacabuco - Transfers
March 21, 2016 Chacabuco, Argentina The mission is the best!! :)
March 14, 2016 Chacabuco, Argentina I've had an "ah ha moment" in the power of forgiveness
March 10, 2016 Chacabuco, Argentina Letter to Mom with FHE memories to help with a talk she gave at Stake Conference
March 7, 2016 Chacabuco, Argentina Note to Mom & Dad
February 29, 2016 Chacabuco, Argentina "I'm not coming to church because you asked me, I'm coming for my love to God,"
February 22, 2016 Chacabuco, Argentina Note to Family
February 22, 2016 Chacabuco, Argentina Consider the lilies of the field
February 16, 2016 Chacabuco, Argentina The Plan is perfect!
February 15, 2016 Chacabuco, Argentina Note to Dad
February 9, 2016 Campo, Argentina Some cool new experiences that I had this week
February 1, 2016 Campo, Argentina We had many tender mercies of the Lord every day and often every hour.
January 25, 2016 Campo, Argentina Illusive Bread Store story - A great week!
January 19, 2016 Campo, Argentina This week has been great, but that's because the missionary life is wonderful.
January 11, 2016 Campo, Argentina I love being a missionary
January 4, 2016 Provo Missionary Training Center The First Week in Argentina
December 22, 2015 Provo Missionary Training Center Merry Christmas and soon, farewell MTC!
December 16, 2015 Provo Missionary Training Center MTC update
December 10, 2015 Provo Missionary Training Center More MTC Adventures
December 3, 2015 Provo Missionary Training Center I can see our progress increasing.
November 25, 2015 Provo Missionary Training Center The spiritual level is so amazing here I love it! I know the gift of tongues is true!
November 20, 2015 Provo Missionary Training Center The first letter!
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