November 27, 2017


Senhor Do Bonfim


Elder Cueto

First Area

Hey its crazy that I´m here in the field already but its awesome. My first area is in Senhor Do Bom Fim and my trainer is named Elder Cueto. He is from Boliva and is really cool. Really happy to get out of the CTM and get to work. All of the members here are really awesome. We had lunch with the branch president and he said that I reminded him of one of his old companions... and it was Stacy Harkey! Church is awesome, especially becuase its one of the only buildings in town with good air conditioning and good bathrooms. I believe I´ll be talking in church next Sunday so I´m starting to get ready for that. Black friday was insane here even more so than in the US. My Portuguese is coming along faster now that its the only language I hear besides the occasional talyor swift song blasting from someones car. I hope someone invents a way to make mosquitos extinct and fast. The mosquitos here are not sensible and don´t just bite you on the arms or legs like smart ones do. They bite you on the eyelids, knuckles, fingertips, on the lip, and in between the toes. There´s just no way God created mosquitos. We taught quite a few people and they all are interested and active in the lessons which is a blessing. I´m trying to learn how to find my way around town as fast as I can. Ate mais gente!


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