February 7, 2022


The Bronx, NY


Elder Satini

Microwaveable burritos

Whats up everyone! Hope you all are doing amazing and life is treating you well. This week was amazing, we see so many miracles out here, it's insane!!

Monday: It was Pday so we got up, did laundry, talked to the fam and played basketball the whole day. Then we had a really good lesson with Paul, he's getting baptized this Sunday!! We're so excited for him and he's super awesome and is a stud

Tuesday: We started out the day contacting over the phone which was good, then we were supposed to have some lessons but they fell through. So we continued to call people. After that we went street contacting and found some cool people. Then we had a fire lesson with Mandy and her 2 kids. It went super well and they are great. After that we had a lesson with Aniya, she's super awesome. She doesn't know much about God or religion but we taught her the restoration and she took it super well.

Thursday: We had to reschedule a few lessons so we called people and found some new people to teach. Then my comp Elder Satini had some calls because he is the District Leader so I had personal study time which was great. I've been studying up on the Atonement and it is seriously amazing. The fact that we can be forgiven of all of our mistakes and short comings blows my mind. We sin soo many times every day, often without knowing it. So yeah that's awesome. Then we had some lessons fall through so we went street contacting and found a ton of people. Then we had a lesson with Devonte and he's a stud, we put him on Baptismal date and then we had a lesson. He’s the most prepared person I've ever met to be baptized. His names James and he's amazing. He has such a strong faith in God and he said we were angels sent to him from God. We put him on Baptismal date in 3 minutes and 40 seconds. So many miracles today

Friday: We had some lessons call through so contacted over the phone for a while then we went to serve some Hispanic grandma's for a few hours. We basically just move a whole bunch of donated food downstairs and help them package it. It's fun, we go there with the Spanish elders and it's a good time. After service we went to this insane Mexican place for lunch. It's so good guys, they also own the pizza shop next door and the pizza is insane too. Then we were calling some people who had been taught in the past but were dropped and we found a lady named Victoria. Another miracle, she was sooo open to our message and we taught her right then and we put her on Baptismal date and she's super cool. She just doesn't want to come to church because her son has health problems, so pray for her and her son so they can make it to church! Then we had a lesson with Denise and Harry and they are awesome, they are both getting baptized this Sunday so it's awesome. But pray for them that they'll make it through this last week though! Then we went and found some more people on the subway so that’s always fun. One of the guys I found is MASSIVE, he was a 330 pound bodybuilder who is super interested in the message and he’s really cool.

Saturday: We had a lot of lessons fall through, so we called a lot and street contacted people. It went well though because we found a lot of interested people. Then we found some people on the phone and one of them we called ended up being a super cool lesson. Her name is Tina and we’re gonna try and put her on Baptismal date next lesson. She committed to come to church and had a really strong faith in Christ. It's super cool. Then we had another fire lesson with James, he's awesome.

Sunday: We had church at 9:30 and we had a decent turnout, only 7 investigators. We had confirmed alot more but they couldn't end up making it. James came and he actually bore his testimony. Guys this man is insane he's so ready for baptism. But yeah that pretty sums up the week!

I just want to let you guys know that the Lord truly does love effort, just like President Nelson says. We are always grinding and don't always see the fruits of our labors immediately, but sooner or later the blessings and miracles start flooding in. I can promise you guys that the Lord sees your effort and is happy with you! Keep up the good work!
Love you guys, keep emailing me! (

Elder Williams


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