January 16, 2017


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Elder Cerezo

Hello from Coban

mooooom how are you!! You may be asking yourself how am I writing you? And how? Well guess what? I am here in COBAN already! Yeah I'm sorry for not being able to write you before we left the MTC but they didn't let us do that.
The way here was so long and so crazy!! The view was the beautiful thing though!! We were going up and up, higher and higher into the mountains and it was so nice!! I have pictures that I'll send you soon. And we got here in a yellow school bus and man that ride was crazy because of all the winding roads and the insane drops and the bus was moving super quick and he would like go into the oncoming traffic lane to pass up slow driver in our lane and I swear that's just how people drive here in Guate. If you don't believe me, I'll tell you that 3 elders threw up on the bus from motion sickness! It was funny but then it wasn't because it started to smell. But i am here now and im happy. Its P day here so me and my comp got till 5 till we have to be at the church again. So yeah sorry i had to wait to write you till i got out here and that's where I'm at!
I'm in Coban currently and i just got out of my interview with the mission president Faundez and he is so relaxed like his voice is so soft. And now i am at a internet cafe where you pay for internet at a computer which is new to me but apparently that's what they do over here.  I got my companion that is going to train me and I am blessed!!! Why? Because according to the mission president he is the best qeqchi speaker in the whole mission!! That opinion was said by Mike Pek! Remeeber him? The guy who translated the book of mormon to qeqchi? yeah, he's the one who said that! And yeah he talked to me abit in qeqchi and man does he know it really well! I am happy i got him assigned as my trainer! His name is Elder Cerezo. He is from puebla mexico and he is a pretty quiet and shy guy but wow does he know a lot. Hes been on the mission for 20 months. He has served in Polochic for most of mission he says and I'm thankful that i have him. He is so humble and i know I'm going to learn a lot from him. So let me tell you how things are going to work here for tomorow. Right now, we can't leave to our area in Polochic which is called Chulac and that's where we need to arrive! How? We need to get on the back of like a pick up truck that takes people places at 3 in the morning with all my maletas and head out to Chulac and start working tomorrow. Its going to be a ride of like 6-7 hours. It's gonna be such a long ride. Look up the area map of Polochic on the church site and you'll see where my area is. Look for Chulac. It is pretty in Polochic so it's only qeqchi there but my comp says that he has served there and that it is like the Utah of Polochic!! Pretty funny huh? He says that because he says that like everyone there is a member lol but I'm excited. I got my card info for my mission money and workshops and now im ready to go out there and live as a qeqchi elder! Everyone loves the place and I'm going to love it too! I need to watch out with diseas and sickness but i am going to obey all rules and not get sick by doing so. i dont need you to send me gym shoes because I believe i can get them here! So if I take out like money that's why. And I'm going to buy boots and stuff so i might have to take money out sometime this week. But yeah mom to send packages you need to use private carrier because we found out that here in Guate there is an issue with the mailing system like they are on strike or something so it doesn't work. But they said that UPS and stuff can send stuff to the address that receives packages for my mission and they'll make it gets to me. But yeah that's all mom. I'll let you know how I'll be soon. Next time I'll already be in Polochic and working hard! I love you mom and tell everyone back home that i love them!! 
Do i look skinnier or what? lol Send me uuuuhhh idk food and candy thats gold here because believe it or not, Guate chips are disgusting lol they don't taste like anything! but yeah lol what else do i need? Maybe gym shoes because mine are already ripping since they were just the tela ones lol i need heaftier ones that aren't tela but still gym shoes. I'll let you know if i need anything!  i don't think I need anything else but your support and your emails! I love you mom!! I love you you say NAKATINRA in qeqchi. Use it lol it's super fun to speak qeqchi. sounds like nothing but it is words trust me lol 

-- Todo lo puedo en Cristo que me fortalece


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