January 23, 2017


Chulac Guatemala


Elder Cerezo

Week 10 - Chulac 1

MOM!!! How have you been! I have never been so excited to write to you the whole time ive been away until now! I have so much to tell you!!
Chulac is AMAZING! And when i say that im not just saying that to not get you worried but im saying that because i really do love the area and even more the people! Wow where can i even start with you. Hmmmmm i will just start with the questions you may have. What is my home like? What are my living conditions? They are very good id say. For Polochic they are good. Even though we are up alllll the way into the deep parts of the mountains, our place is decent. It is literally in the church grounds and fence. The house is part of the church's property and that is where me and my comp stay. It certainly isn't that big but it is enough. We do have water but no electricity. But let me explain to you the water situation. So when we first got to the house, the water was working fine. But then later that night when we came back from working, we tried taking a shower and no water came out at all anymore so we went to look outside at the pipe that runs through the mountain behind our house that is the tube that takes water from i dont know where and fills a big tank that is behind our house. So we go out over into the mountain and we see with our flashlights from afar and hear the water running and falling.......Our tube had broke!! How? A tree had fell onto the PVC tube and snapped it in 2! We were upset but determined to fix it so we just put on our rubber boots and went into the water and repaired it! It was dark and we were out there trying to fix it for like an hour and a half but it was really hard because apart from working at night to fix it, the water pressure that came out of the tube was making it hard for us to be able to make the 2 pieces stay together but in the end, we finally made it stay and we have water again!!! lol how did we do it? We grabbed one of my comps old ties and wrapped it on the tube and I took off one of my socks I had on and wrapped it around there too then we put a stick underneath for support and man it hasn't broken since! We fixed it mexican style! LOL We just really wanted our water back to shower LOL and we got it. I have pictures I took from that night so im going to send them to you so you can see how dirty we got lol but it was a great first experience here on the first night.
But yeah i drink all the water i need with my bottle they gave me at the CCM that filters well! So don't worry about that. And well How is my health? Super well! Seriously, like i am very thankful that I feel healthy still and strong to serve the Lord and worki every day with all I've got! I am doing good maybe because of all the multivitamins I brought with lol but yes I'm very healthy. A lot of walking! The sun gets hot in the day and at night it gets kinda cold but I'm all good in my home and hydrated during the day!
Chulac is in the mountains and to find houses that are off the main road that passes through there, we have to go into the trails that people make in the woods and those are the ones where we go for our investigators and it is awesome! I love it! The Trails may be hard and very tiring but it is awesome! I can't complain! The people are the most humble and loving people I have met in my entire life! No kidding. The people literally have nothing, like nothing, yet they feel like they have everything. Very happy people and very polite and caring. All of them. All of them. Thats just the qeqchi culture. For example, we walk on the road and we see other people walking and we say or they say "Wanchik" which is like Adios. Then they respond with "Bueno!" But like a cantadito bueno. Like "Buenuuuuuu" lol its so freaking sweet. And every ones knows each other and are comfortble with all. Like they always ask whats your name and where you're going and everyone's so nice. And we always ar fed so I'm never hungry!   And missionary work here is so different because you can just go to a house and say "Bannuuuu" which is like a call you do to see if anyone is home and if they respond they say "Uuuuuu" But asi todo cantadito. And then you just go and talk to them as if you knew them and they like give us their only 2 chairs and whatever food they have while they sit on the ground and listen to us talk to them. They treat us so well! There hasnt been one person that hasn't let us talk to them and said no we couldn't pass and share with them. Everyone is so flipping great I love them all. I have come to love this language and the people and the place so quick! Their culture is so great. The kids are the greatest! They always ask what our names are because they know we have apodos that the people give us. I'm "Sal Tul" which in spanish is "Sipote" But they are talking about the tree of the fruit since it's tall. And yeah do i feel tall among them lol they are all so short. But yeah thats my apodo so when they say "Ani laa kaba?" I say "Laain laj Elder Alvarez, abaanan, Nekex'ye we laj Sal Tul" which is them say what's my name and me saying Elder Alvarez but they call me laj sal tul lol I love it here! The people and all. The language is still a bit tricky because they do speak it differently than we were taught and they speak it faster and less pronounced so that's the hard part. But I'm understanding more and more every day! I teach lessons. Just little parts and my comp the pro iin qeqchi teaches the rest. But I have been in charge of contacting which means the whole process from entering and asking if we can enter and share to starting the lesson with CCE puntos from Preach my Gospel. If you wonder what that is, ask the misioneras over there lol they'll know, And yeah i have been getting the hang of it. And this week I'm going to start teaching lessons!
I am giving it my all. I feel like I'm losing myself in this work. I have blisters on my feet and hands already but I don't feel them while I'm walking till I get home at the end of the day. Why? because my love for these people and my thought of there being someone out there that doesn't know about the gospel is what motivates me every day! I know God blesses me with the capacity to do all things in this work.
Just another little story, we had Sunday here and the church here is in all qeqchi so i couldn't understand much and they called me up yesterday to direct the hymns during sacrament meeting and man i felt intimidated but i liked it. There are a lot of members here even though its only a rama. There are more members in this one rama than at home at chicago 2 thats for sure LOL but yeah thats all.
Im going to need you to send me those gym shoes you bought me mom. I legit looked everywhere for shoes here and they don't have my size. Apparently I'm like big foot or something over here lol so yeah please send them to where my call pack says to send packages. And send me my pair of pink turf soccer shoes too please. And whatever else you want to include!  Thank you!
I love you mom and I pray for everyone back at home all the time! Have an awesome  week!!
-Laj Sal Tul

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