January 23, 2017

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Blanca Alvarez

Week 10 - Chulac 1

Hola mijo!  Espero que este e-mail te encuentre bien de salud.  It seemed like a really long week for me at home.  At home everything is good and pretty normal.  I am anxiously awaiting to hear everything about your first week in the field and about your first week with your new companion Elder Cerezo.
So tell me, What is your home like?  Do you have electricity, water or bathroom or shower? Is it a separate apartment or do you sleep in the church?I am especially worried about your health and what you are doing for food.  Please tell me what you are eating and how you are feelingPlease describe the Chulac area to me.  What are the people like.  Have you given any lessons in Quekchi yet?  How do you feel you did?  Is the spoken language out in the field much different/harder than what you learned in the MTC.Tell me more about your companion, Elder Cerezo.  I am praying that you are getting along and that you are both able to learn from each other. BTW, did you get everything you needed to buy at Coban?  Did you buy your boots?  I didn't see you take out any money... Remember to always have cash at hand since there's probably not a lot of places where you can use ATMs.  
Elder Alvarez - Be bold, be passionate about what you are doing.  Fear not, for God is with you.  Your love, your words and the way you will teach were meant for at least one person who will cross your path during your mission.  Be attentive to the Spirit.  What a blessing you have to be able to be so purely dedicated to studying and sharing the Gospel.  I have no doubt that in the still of your scripture study and your prayers you are able to feel the promptings of the Spirit clearly and intensely.

This week we had the sister missionaries over for dinner and I learned something new about how as missionaries they rely on the power of the Holy Ghost.  I had always assumed that when missionaries would go knocking on doors, they just went down a street and knocked on every door, one-by-one until someone let them in.  I was surprised when they told me that no, they only knock on doors where the Spirit tells them to knock.  They testified how each time they listen to the promptings of the Spirit, they can recognize how that person has been waiting for them to hear a message of hope and love.  
There is a "gringa" sister who has only 2 more weeks than you on her mission, her name is Sister Haws and as I see her struggle with Spanish I can only think of how you may be feeling as you learn to preach and speak in such a difficult language such as Queqchi (how do you spell it correctly anyway?? I've seen all kinds of spellings LOL), I can only imagine how frustrating it may feel sometimes to feel like you don't know enough, can't find the right words, or just feel like you have nothing important to contribute.  But I remind you that you do! Our Heavenly Father knows you do and that's why HE sent you where you are and placed you with your companion because HE knows there are lessons to teach and learn and that YOU CAN DO IT!You are the answer to someone's prayer. A word you say, a prayer you make, a testimony you share, an act of service you do is just what someone was praying for.  Never forget that!  Approach each day with that attitude and finish each day reflecting on how God answered YOUR prayers that day too!  Write about this in your journal...I know that you will see the small miracles and the blessings of your mission service in the every day events that you live.I LOVE YOU ADRIAN!  I miss you immensely. These letters are my food and feed my soul.  Please know that I pray for you constantly and that at home we think and talk about you and wonder what you are up to every day.Love,Mom


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