January 14, 2019


Villa Alemana Troncal Sur


Elder Clawson


At times I feel like a caveman. I'm walking around all day, will eat food where I can get it, and I'm always preparing myself to fend off the wild beasts. There's dogs everywhere, and we're always ripping off our bags to use as shields/clubs, or picking up rocks just in case. It's awful really.

This week we went on splits and I was senior comp for a day and a half and it was awesome.

I also had to speak in church. I prepared stuff but ultimately decided to try to follow the spirit, which was so horribly scary. But it ended up okay I think.

This week, we were trying to get to a persons house, but there was this dog that was more vicious than usual, and we decided we couldnt pass. At first we thought, oh maybe we don't need to see him today, but then we realized, satan definitely controls these dogs, and so we walked around the block. When we rounded the corner, directly across the street from this guys house, is a car, that's burning, and it looked like, the windshield and windows had blown out from some sort of explosion. The fire had just started minutes before, and we realized had we not been scared off by the dog we could have been hurt, or been in a position where we looked at fault. So that was kind of a strange tender mercy.

We had a baptism this week for a man named Daniel. One day about a month ago he shows up to church and says he wants to be baptized, were like "alright, awesome!" He and his wife have 3 daughters, all 3 are members but one is inactive and one is less active. But he and his wife are not members (obvio) We taught him, but the poor guy needed a lot of focus and patience to understand us. He actually wanted to know so he took it like a champ. We invited members to lessons with him and he seemed to like that, and he seemed really prepared for baptism. Then the day before he asks me to baptize him. I'm floored bc the poor guy couldn`t understand my spanish 98% of the time. I was hoping he`d want a member to do it, but I'm not complaining. RIght before the baptism, he seemed kinda out of it, so I pulled him aside and asked him how he was feeling. He said he felt kinda nervous but I felt he wasn't telling me everything, so I invited him to talk down the hall where there weren't as many people. He quickly took off so I followed with my comp. He shared that he wasn't sure what he was feeling, that he felt, nervous, he felt warm, but that he felt content. He started to cry (he's super macho, so this is out of character) he said he just felt peace and that he knew he was making a good decision, and that this is true, and the path he wants/needs to go on. We taught him again about the Holy Ghost and how we should always hold sacred the feelings He brings, and that all good things come from God. It was the sweetest thing. He thanked us, and we all hugged and cried, three men in a classroom. Then we composed ourselves and went and had the service and he was baptized.

The church is true. The Lord is leading His work.

Elder LaMont


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