August 21, 2017


Taizhong Wufeng


Elder Huff

Welcome to the Show

WE MADE IT!!!!! Elder Huff is a beast, our ward here in wu feng is beast, and the work here is BEAST!!!

Yeah! Elder Huff is a stud straight outta Farr West Utah!!! So he is quite familiar with Plain City and Pleasant View. Fun stuff. He's just an absolute work horse. He'll be playing soccer at Utah State Eastern after the mission, so that's fun. We've just had a ball these first couple days here, getting settled in and going to work!!

I've been so tired this week. Hahaha and it's the best. In the trio from monday-wednesday, we just absolutely put in work in Tanzi and then white washing here, but it's been so good. Time is just SO precious. And it keeps on FLYING by. Doesn't school start soon? What in the world...

So Wu Feng is legit the best area EVER. We've got sick mountains all around us that look like Hawaii and so many great food places to eat at and SO many people everywhere we turn to talk to about Jesus Christ and the restoration of His Gospel. It's just so fun right now. Our first night here, bags not even unpacked yet, we found 2 new investigators to start things off for us. We've set some really high goals for our time together here and we feel confident that with our faith and diligence we will see miracles and be able to hit our goals.

I know this work is true!! Have you ever thought about how much of a miracle the Book of Mormon is?? That a farm boy could translate an ancient record, given to him by an angel, by the gift and power of God, is truly miraculous. And I know it's true. That book has changed lives, one of those being mine, and continues to do so. Just read the book. haha.

Love you!!! Have a great week!!

Elder Barker


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