August 7, 2017


Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Elder Hongvilai

We're Playin' Ba sket ball

HEY!!! Super super great and glorious week. haha. We went to T.G.I Fridays on a Monday cuz p-day and I had a real burger with a real banana/oreo milkshake!! Oh, it was so pleasing.

It's cool how new things that have never happened before continue to happen. This week's first-time experience was when an 84 year old Taiwanese man pinched my cheek with surprising strength and told me I was beautiful! haha More interested in my white skin and blue eyes than the restored gospel. I just thought about how great my mission is. Life is so good.

Elder Hongvilai has such long hair!!! haha. We gave him a samurai warrior pony tail one night. Good stuff. We're also having somewhat of a scaring battle...hahaha always make sure you feel around each corner before you step out of a room.

We worked really hard this week!! Found some new investigators we're really excited about! Steven Shen is a mechanical engineer who has a friend from college that was a member and seems really interested. But he always has to leave over the weekends to hang out with his girlfriend so coming to church? 有信心有辦法!!Then last night we set up to meet with this potential investigator Jonny. Anyways, we were expecting to teach a lesson with him, but he was expecting to play basketball with us!! Long story short, we played some ball with him in our proselyting clothes (he's like "you're joking right?") then we were able to talk more with him after about a half hour of ball. He claims to be atheist but is actually super open to the doctrine of Christ that we shared with him. Pretty cool. He committed to develop his faith in Christ!

The last lines of the poem "Invictus" have been on my mind recently "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul." Agency!! What a gift from our Heavenly Father to let us act and not be acted upon. We can control the "weather" inside of us, regardless of the "weather" going on outside of us.

Love you all!! Just found out the church is working on some Book of Mormon Videos kind of like their Bible Videos!! Woo hoo!! So pumped! Fall 2018 is the release date. Mark that on your calendars folks.


Elder Barker


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