June 26, 2017


Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Elder Storey

Stanky Leg

HEY!! Wow what a week. Time is just rolling rolling rolling. Saw so many miracles this week!

To be honest, I was trying to go 2 years without ever washing any of my pants (too much pointless work or something) but the wreakage coming from some of them was just so putrid that I caved. I just hope the iron press doesn't come out cuz that's what it's all about with dress pants.

Our investigator Sister Chen is still doing great! She is sosooo cool. I always walk out of her lessons feeling so spiritually boosted. She wants to get baptized in July!! Just hoping and praying her husband's heart can continue to be softened.

Elder Storey and I have biked over 1,000 miles together these last four months. Not sure how big that really is, but it's a big number.

God works in mysterious ways. When you get stood up by investigators at appointments, they call it 放我們的鴿子 which means "release our pigeons". I don't understand it. But anyways, we got our pigeons released and our back up plan was to contact around that area and during that hour we found a super prepared soul looking to change his life. Woo hoo!! Sounds like the gospel is just what he needs! We'll be working with him this week.

I got to hold a baby porcupine which might never happen again in my lifetime. Also, have you ever heard of "kiiking"?? It's some sport from Lithuania or something where you swing around in a full circle. Elder Storey has one of those in his back yard. AHHH!! You can learn new things about people, even after being with them so long. I really think Elder Storey and I have been working better together this week more than ever before. It's SO fun!!! haha. Gotta love your mission.

There's kind of a thing in missions where you have faith in an area (or you don't), but this week I put my faith in Moroni 7:16 which says "the Spirit of Christ is given to every man" and that is what leads people to do good and seek out good and right things, no matter what beliefs we have. Doing the work with that in mind this week really inspired and motivated me, as well as helped me love my fellow brothers and sisters more! And I know that "in Christ there should come every good thing" (v.22). He invites everyone to come and "lay hold upon" even more good things than we already have through His gospel. That's so amazing!

I love you all!! Have a great week!

Elder Barker


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