June 19, 2017


Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Elder Storey

Sit in Silence

Happy Father's Day!!!!! Yay!! There's the best video on called "See Heavenly Father through a Father's Eyes" and an article called "The Truth About Dads". Whoa. They're ssooo good! Check them out!

This week I got a little sick...literally couldn't talk. haha. Just whispers. Great experience!! We just kept going out and working for the Lord because we only get this chance once!! And I totally felt fine and was able to open my mouth and have words come out! Miracles.

Besides that, not a whole lot happened this week. haha. We're kind of at that phase where we work work work and there's not much to show for it, but we keep exercising our faith and trying to do new things!! We've been going around to local government people that are like in charge of individual neighborhoods and talking with them about service opportunities. So far, everyone just wants us to teach their kids English, which we already do. BUT, good things are bound to come out of it.

Other than that, it was kind of a half-goal half-wish that I could eat a mango every day, and I came super close!! People were ssooo nice to us this week holy cow. We were tracting and this old couple (the wife could only speak Taiwanese) ran inside and cut us up some fresh mango and gave it to us right there to eat. SOO delicious. So nice. The hospitality of the people here never ceases to amaze me.

I know the Savior lives. We taught a guy this week who kept saying "why would God send us here to fail our test?" He didn't. Surely, we are all fallen people and will fail at times. All of us have fallen short. That is why we have the Savior. Because of Him we will not fail. Because of Him, we can grow and expand and become the people Heavenly Father wants us to be.

Love you all!! Have a great week! FIGHT ON!!!
Elder Barker


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