June 4, 2017


Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Elder Storey

Bleeding Out

Hey! Wow what a crazy week. Weird to think it was only a week ago we went to see the dragon boats race.

Journal material: Ingrown toenail!! I spent all of last Tuesday's study time trying to cut it out on my own...I'll spare you the details. But it was quite tender for a few days...and of course that's when my bike tire would decide to explode on the way to the chapel (what's up with flat tires lately?? haha). Hahaha so I was walking with a limp while pulling my bike through a crowded street. It was just one of those experiences! One of those times where we're faced with choice...choosing how we want to respond to a situation. I know that choosing to stay positive and trusting in the Lord is always the best choice. I also know the Lord is changing us all the time for the better as we strive to obey His commandments.

In other news, we had pulled pork sandwiches at Zone Conference which is non-existent here. A little taste of home. AND, we saw the first sign up for some fresh mango bing and I totally caved in and got me some. :) :) So great.

I think the angel of the week's gotta go out to Sister Ye, a member in our ward here who's a nurse at the hospital. Called her up just asking what she thought I should do and she totally went out of her way to make sure I got all set up for a visit to the doc and everything. I just felt really touched by her selfless sacrifice. Also, hats off to Doctor Cai for cutting out a nice chunk of my toe nail! haha. So blessed.

Our bishop said yesterday at church that our investigator working on smoking, Brother Cai, is doing super good (they've been working together for awhile) so that's exciting news!!! And Sister Chen came to church and really liked it!!! She is so brave because she doesn't exactly have her husband's total approval in all this. Still hoping his heart will be softened.

Jesus is the the Great Physician who rose from the dead "with healing in His wings" (2 Nep. 25:13). Through him we can be made whole. He has conquered physical death and has provided us a way to overcome spiritual death. I know He lives and is the Savior of the world.

Have a great first week of summer!!!! Love you all!

Elder Barker


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