April 17, 2017


Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Elder Storey

Sacrament Sushi

HEY! The excitement to talk with you guys on P-days never gets old!! haha.

This week was filled with some stellar food. haha. Tepanyaki in Taiwan is really good, really cheap, and basically everywhere. And we found a really good fried noodles place! And then we were talking to a dude while standing in line waiting for our bian dangs, which is rice with a meat and your choice of 3 veggies (it's easily the most popular thing in Taiwan. They're all over the place!) and this guy just felt super bad for us so he bought us our meals!! haha No interest in the gospel yet. Then another random guy walked into sacrament meeting Sunday, tapped me on the shoulder, and handed me a bunch of sushi and then left as fast as he appeared! Too bizarre.

We had a lesson with Andy Liu where we just read the Book of Mormon with him and stopped and talked about different parts. It was probably one of the best lessons I've ever been in. There is power in that book!! "Look to the book, look to the Lord".

I saw a family at McDonald's where the dad, mom, and son were all playing different games on their phones for at least 20 minutes without any sort of acknowledgement of each other. I'm so glad my family is not like that.

Our investigator that was really progressing well towards her baptismal goal, Sister Zhang, has been super busy with mid-term exams these last two weeks, so it's been impossible to meet with her. Don't even get me started on the Taiwanese cultural view on education. haha. This week she should be finishing up so things can get back to normal! We've seen more finding miracles though from retracting a street Elder Storey has already tracted. haha I asked him why we keep seeing miracles from retracting and he just said "because Heavenly Father loves us." Yup. Well said.

Before that random guy gave us some sushi in sacrament meeting, we had a "moment". haha. They were passing the sacrament and some how didn't see us! We totally got skipped on the bread, and were about to get skipped on the water too but we called the brother passing the sacrament back to us and he was very very sorry. The two brothers passing the sacrament went back up to the table and everybody waited reverently while the one brother brought us the bread. It was really special when it happened that way. I really had to think about why I wanted to take that bread and water, and what it represents. And how perfect that it was Easter Sunday! It was a tender mercy to remind me that Christ is resurrected. Christ is "the living bread" for a reason (see John 6:51)! I'm grateful for the blessing it is to partake of the sacrament, remember Christ's victory over spiritual and physical death in such a sacred way, and renew my covenants and commitment to Him. I know He lives!

Love you all! Have a great week!! FIGHT ON!!
Elder Barker


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