April 11, 2017


Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Elder Storey

White and Nerdy

Hello Family!!

So, a miracle. An RC in the zone leader's ward has a friend from work who lives in our area and she has talked to him a lot about what a blessing finding the gospel has been in her and her family's life. And she invited him, her friend from work, to check out general conference on Sunday. And he came!! I think he liked it. We were able to talk with him and he opened up to us, talking about having some stresses in his life and he wants to find the right path. YES!! haha members are the best! So we'll see how that goes.

Last p-day we hit up this sick mall in our area with the zone leaders. They had Star Wars action figures that brought out my geekyness, rode some amusement park rides, and went bowling. Solid. And, after Priesthood session of conference it was dinner time and after some persuasion, long-suffering, gentleness, meekness, and love unfeigned, somehow we ended up at a Japanese restaurant that had a bunch of sushi/sashimi already made and you could go grab all the sushi your heart desired. Priesthood session sushi is still going strong!!

At the SEC this week was some Chinese yo-yo prodigies. Absolutely jaw dropping!! I would try to explain it, but I'm sure you could just search "Chinese yo-yo" on youtube and it'd do a much better job. Pretty neat.

An interesting week and I can't really remember what we did as far as the work goes, but I know we did a lot. haha. Yesterday was Monday, and Monday is usually our p-days, but since this is transfer week (btw neither of us are moving!) Monday was a regular proselyting day. And we found some really really great people including this older guy who's last name is "Zhou" who was willing to talk with us, which old people never really like to do, and actually open up about his needs, which hardly nobody EVER does, and ended up committing to read the Book of Mormon and see for himself. That was really huge.

After 9 months out, it's still hard at times. LEARNING EXPERIENCE!! I'm so grateful for conference though because I had been struggling with something and I was praying for an answer, and through listening to words of the Prophet and Apostles, along with inspiration from the Holy Ghost, I received my answer, and it was very clear. It brought me to humility and gave me inspired direction moving forward, much like in the Book of Mormon where King Benjamin gave a conference talk. I felt much like the people did in the Book of Mosiah chapter 4. This experience strengthened my testimony of the Restoration, living prophets, and a loving Heavenly Father.

I'm sure you all know the church's Easter initiative is how Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace. If you haven't seen the 2 minute video yet, do it!! I know that only through the Savior can we find lasting, eternal peace and joy. I know this from my own experience with repentance and living Christ's Gospel that has led to me, like the Nephites, being "filled with joy, having received a remission of [my] sins, and having a peace of conscience" (Mosiah 4:3). Or like Alma puts it in Alma 38:8 "...I did find peace to my soul." And I know if I could, you can too. Come unto Him. He's waiting with open arms.

Love you all!! Have a great week!! FIGHT ON!!!

Elder Barker


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