April 3, 2017


Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Elder Storey


Family Family Family! Another week gone just putting in the work. Seeing miracles. The usual.

Went on exchanges with the zone leaders in Qian Zhen which is the most stacked area in all the mission (probably). You just gotta go there to know. But anyways, it was super fun and we met some cool people like this one dude from Portugal! He's agnostic. We also met a lady from Oregon traveling the world. She was born in Gaoxiong and was coming back to see her mom. She has been to over 50 different countries and said she's shooting for 100. Whoa. Mad respect. We helped her carry her bags over to a bus stop. She's Christian. She gave us these crazy fruits that might be called sugar apples. Super exotic and super delicious.

So investigator updates: Brother Lin has been in Japan this last week and right now is in the land of his ancestors for Sao Mu (grave sweeping). We're gonna throw down Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity this week so...haha. Everyone's gonna need to 加油! haha. But Sister Zhang, 20 year old college student, is absolutely tearing it up right now! She's keeping the word of wisdom and everything! We're just really trying to help her receive a testimony of the Book of Mormon. And Brother Andy Xu never has time to meet. The struggles. haha.

We found several new investigators and some potential investigators too! One of our new investigators is named Andy Liu. We had just finished a lesson with brother Cai outside a 7/11 and we were going to get on our bikes and I noticed he was kind of looking at us longer than usual...anyways, he set up for the next day and we had an awesome lesson with him! Lemme tell ya, people out here are truly seeking for truth they just "know not where to find it". Another miracle is this family from last night. We were knockin' doors and I was kinda giving Elder Storey a hard time cuz he had already knocked this street a couple months ago. The first couple of doors were just quick rejections. Then we knocked Brother Li's door and I could see through the window a giant Daoist/Buddhist shrine so I thought we found another quick rejection. BUT, he immediately invited us in and listened to a quick message about God and that He speaks to us today and he was really interested in the Book of Mormon! We're going back tomorrow night to teach him more! And Elder Storey said that a couple months ago he quickly rejected them. Isn't change so cool? I lacked faith. Definitely learned my lesson.

They have a million garbage trucks that go around neighborhoods and stuff at set times here and when you hear the music you go out with your bags of trash and throw them in the back. Anyways, we were getting home around the time the trash truck comes so all the neighbors were out on both sides of the street and I kid you not they were seriously cheering us on. haha. It was like when little kids run through the tunnel parents make after a soccer game! I love it here. haha.

Sadly, we had to drop a family last night :( But that's okay!! Everyone has their own time.

I've been thinking a lot about the relationship between repentance and "relying wholly upon the merits of him who is mighty to save". I don't have time to tell you all my thoughts on it, but maybe you can ponder that after reading 2 Nephi 31:19 and Moroni 6:4. I need to rely on Christ's Grace! I know that He's there waiting to help us, waiting for us to come unto him.

Love you!!! Have a great week!

Elder Barker


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