March 27, 2017


Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Elder Storey

WHOOP!! There it is....

HELLO!! Family, it was a good week. haha. For reals!! We set another baptismal goal with a Sister Zhang. She, and Brother Andy Xu, and Brother Lin could use some prayers to hit their goals next month! They're all looking solid right now!

The people here are so awesome and funny. Yesterday at a red light I was talking with a dude who was streaming a baseball game on his phone, listening to the audio through headphones and watching the game at red lights. haha. And then, we were grocery shopping last week and a drunk guy came up and said nothing. Just started singing "Silent Night" in Chinese and walked away. I love them so much.

SO, plot-twist for the week goes out to our awesome "investigator" named Maria!! hahaha. We went to extend a baptismal invitation to her and, long story short, turns out she was already baptized 50 years ago!! hahaha. And yes, it was in our church. haha. Quite a shock to us, mostly cuz missionaries had been teaching her the lessons for a couple months and nobody ever knew, but we were very happy! The search for her membership record is on! Definitely some valuable lessons about listening and discerning to be learned here. haha.

We were invited to help out with a primary activity, which really just meant having a Taiwanese dance party with 6 year olds. HAHA! Shoulda got a video. But it was chill cuz they had a REFERRAL there for us:) I think our ward is really starting to like us and trust us. Breakthroughs!

Quadball. Ever heard of it? I hadn't either until Saturday when we came across a huge tournament at a jr. high. Pretty cool. just thought I'd let ya know.

The message of the Restoration is simple and so beautiful. We believe that God lives today and speaks to His children through prophets, just as he did in days of old. The Book of Mormon is the proof. I'm super excited for next weekend (actually next, next weekend for us over here) to be able to hear our modern day prophets and apostles let us "know concerning the things whereof [God] had appointed unto [us]." (see Alma 12:28-30;) I know that these prophets and apostles are called of God, and we can receive personal revelation from the words they speak.

Love you guys!! Have a great week!
Elder Barker


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