March 20, 2017


Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Elder Storey

...For the First Time

HEY FAM!! Love you all so so much!! Another week absolutely flew by! I'm so tired and sleeping like a rock every night. I love it!!

Last p-day we checked out the famous lily pond/lake thing that has Daoist/Buddhist attractions. It was really really cool and hot. I definitely bought some giant scroll picture things and I have no clue what it says...but the funny thing is, neither do the natives!!! haha silly Chinese.

So I officially used a squatter for the first time! Lemme tell ya, highly highly recommend it. Seriously.

Another highlight this week has to go out to an old Ah-ma who bought us watermelon one morning at a market literally right outside our house. She just kept saying, "Don't worry, Grandma's very rich, Grandma's very rich" haha. But the thing is, she really isn't. So nice.

We went to the Social Education Center for some language studying and there was a group of high school kids in like a traditional Chinese instrument band putting on a show! It was so sick! There's an I'm a Mormon video on Mao Kai Ping (that's his name) you can check out and they play those kind of instruments in it. Not much language study got done...

After a member lesson, they asked if we ate pineapple. HA. So we got some! Cutting them is not as easy as the vendors on the side of the road make it look. Then I realized I'm 19 years old from Kaysville, UT and shouldn't know how to cut pineapple anyways. haha. Still super delicious though!!

We have an investigator named Cai Dx and he has the most faith and fight I think I've ever witnessed. He's had a really rough life and battles a smoking addiction, but wow! He has come a really long way and has totally turned to the Lord to help him -repentance is real and such a blessing!!! He's inspiring to me!

We had Zone Conference on Friday! I learned ssooo much including the importance of focusing on doctrine and using the Book of Mormon in contacts. The best thing was watching Elder Holland's talk "The First Great Commandment" -it got me so pumped up!! "Do you love [the Lord] more than you love all this?" YES!!! Go check out that talk, the Spirit will teach you. I think we all have those dips on the roller-coaster of life, much like the apostles did after the Savior's Crucifixion. But just as He did to them, the Lord calls us to come back and step up. That's what I got from it anyways. I know He lives and is the Savior of the world!

Love ya! Have a great week!!
Elder Barker


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