March 6, 2017


Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Elder Storey

Concrete Jungle

HEY FAMILY!!! Happy birthday to my momma! She's the greatest in the world. Love her so much!

AND I'm loving my mission so much right now! haha it's so true though. My new area is amazing! Some parts are legit like an Asian Southern California. SSOOO many people here. All the scooters going off from a red light here is cool to watch -like a stampede of gas-powered horses.

AND my new companion is Elder Storey! Straight up stud from Cache Valley. He likes skiing, and I can tell by the way he rides his bike that he's an amazing skier, so that is a good friend to make! haha. We're working so hard right now it's the best -been getting home late literally every night cuz we've been in lessons or we get talking to the many many people everywhere. haha contacting here is so fun!

AND because I love it, when super loud airplanes interrupt interesting conversations (there's a giant airport in the middle of my area) or when it's really hot and sticky (which btw I'm surprisingly pretty used to by now...I know it's only March, but still), I just remind my myself that I love it. You just gotta love it all!

AND I'm seeing LOTS of baseball stuff down here. At a place we ate the other night, they had big posters of some MLB players with their stats and we went by a big baseball field that had some high school aged kids playing legit games Saturday afternoon, and I was kind of freaking out.

We took the MRT (the subway system) into town for Stake Conference yesterday, and I saw the most white people since the San Francisco airport. Idk, it's just kinda awkward whenever you come across another white person here. Gao Xiong must be the place to be. haha

The work here is going good! One thing I've noticed and loved about Elder Storey is that he always keeps the Savior central to every lesson or every contact. I've been thinking about how cool that is because Christ is the center to all the doctrines and principles we believe. And everything in the church ought to point us to Christ -like the Book of Mormon, temples, etc. I know this is His church restored to the earth. As much as I love my mission, I love Him more.

Have a great week!! FIGHT ON!!!
Love ya tons!!
Elder Barker


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