February 13, 2017


Xihu, Taiwan


Elder Cook

Been a Long Time Comin' for the Wokin' Man

Hey family!! Love you guys so much!

Holy cow I had the funnest Monday last week! hahaha we went up to Zhanghua college and played basketball with a bunch of Elders. Totally balled it up for k-town with the dream team! And then at night, since we don't plan at night anymore, I used my time effectively by making poo (no bake) cookies! It was quite the challenge using a wok, only a 1/4 c. measuring cup, and our phone's converter cuz everything is in grams and mL, BUT missionaries work with what we got and make it happen! Super delicious "Taiwanese poo cookies" cuz they weren't quite the same, but still.

We saw a miracle with our crappy old phone on the way to a lesson. Elder Cook's bike chain fell off so he got off to fix it and there was a ditch filled with "water" off to the side and when he went to wash the grease off his hands a big gust of wind knocked his bike over and the phone happened to be on the bike or something....ended up in the water and we needed it to know the address and call our investigator and what not. Some how it still worked (an indestructible Nokia, duh!) and it all worked out and had a sweet lesson, and then literally right after the lesson our phone went crazy and stopped working. Miracles. We got a new one. It's still a Nokia, but looks good.

In that lesson, by the way, the Spirit was super strong as we discussed the plan of happiness and eternal life. He just needs to progress and come to church!! I was thinking about if manifestations of the Spirit don't lead to us changing the way we are (repenting, etc) then what's the point? So yeah, still workin on him.

I went on exchanges with Elder Chang in Xihu! He's been here as long as I have (except he was born here soo....) but we totally killed it and we were constantly laughing. haha. We were both fascinated in the differences in the way we do everything. But it was super fun! Saw miracles!

Apparently there was an earthquake down south of here Friday night. It woke Elder Cook up, but somehow I slept right through it. That's cool. We're all good here!

As I've been trying to be more Christlike and work on patience, I've been realizing more and more how essential love for God and love for others is for so many different reasons. It's basically the foundation for all Christlike attributes. When we love more, we listen better and can discern more clearly. We're more effective teachers because we can be bold without being overbearing. And there's tons more. It's hard sometimes to love others, but so worth it. I'm always amazed when I think about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ's love for us. If they can love us even though they have a perfect knowledge of our sins and imperfections, surely I can love everyone else a little more.

That's about it! Love you guys tons!! Have a great week!!

Elder Barker


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