February 6, 2017


Xihu, Taiwan


Elder Cook

Born This Way

Family! Love you all so much! Another week gone here in good 'ol Xihu.

A friend emailed me awhile ago about how when you live somewhere for 8 years you basically become native or something like that. Well how about almost 5 months? haha. Just to brag about myself a little, they had me read a scripture in Sunday School straight out of an all-character Pearl of Great Price yesterday. Nailed it (except for one character)! It's the small victories...But the best is the crazy lady that said I look like a Taiwanese. MADE IT!! (fist pump)

Another half-week of constant food supplied to us by members as Chinese New Years came to a close. Some tried to feed us "American food" by getting us some pizza. haha It's definitely NOT American pizza with seaweed and oysters and a crust that tastes more like cake than crust. Bless their hearts. It's the thought that counts;)

And if they didn't do that, they took us out to WAY too nice of places -like literally 7-course meal type places- and they film us and take pics and laugh at us. hahaha. Seriously the best. The people here treat us like royalty, it's pretty crazy. I love the people and love being a missionary!! haha

You should've seen everyone at the grocery store when you ask them for vanilla extract. Hahaha. Never even heard of it before!! Totally non-existent here. Costco?

The kids at the ball courts are way sick and some are WAY good. But the only english they really know are the names of some players and teams and swear words. haha. We're working on that.

Remember that super Christian investigator? He recently had a relative pass away and has been pondering a lot about Eternal Life and is interested in what "the Mormon book" has to say about it. Talk about prepared! We're going to meet with him tomorrow so hopefully we'll have something sweet to report on that next week!

As I've been thinking about his lesson, I've reflected on how grateful I am for the Plan on Salvation. We know we come from a heavenly home where we lived with our loving Heavenly Father. We came to this Earth to receive a body and to learn and grow through trials and experiences. Our purpose here is to prepare to meet God by living the Gospel of Jesus Christ and keeping His commandments. And we know that after we die, we will all be resurrected and, if we lived righteously, we will live with Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and our loved ones forever. I know it's all true! And what's crazy is that we learn this incredibly simple yet profound stuff in Primary. haha. And there are billions of people that have no idea! We're basically just primary teachers here. It's the greatest.

Well that's about it! Have a great week!

Elder Barker


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