January 23, 2017


Xihu, Taiwan


Elder Cook

Baby it's COLD!!!

Hello hello hello!!!! I love ya'll so much you don't even know. haha

So I had been craving hot cocoa and toast for a long long time but you can't get hot cocoa packets ANYWHERE around here. So, I asked Elder Hanna's old RC in Taizhong to snag me some swiss miss packets from Coscto in Taizhong. He delivered. OH! We have it too good. I've had some every single night this week.

Not a whole lot happened this week except we did some more LA finding with Chuckles and he showed us some of his artwork! Super good. AND the classic "everything that COULD go wrong DID go wrong" situation went down with the baptism for the 3 musketeers. hahaha. Like, we tried for hours to figure out how to get the hot water, or even cold water, to work and nobody knew how to do it. haha. And the kids showed up much later than we had planned (stressful!) and even Elder Cook's back tire got a flat so we couldn't get around was just nuts. BUT, we fought through it and it actually went great, freezing cold water and all! We had lots of members there to support them too which was really nice. I baptized the older brother and he bore his testimony after and I was just way impressed. When Elder Hanna and I first knocked on their door to now is just like night and day. So blessed to be a part of this work!

Even with a baptism coming up, I was having a hard time finding happiness. I think I realized I've been going a little flat these last couple of weeks and I needed to get re-motivated. I think the point I learned is it doesn't matter what's going on around me, true happiness & joy have to come from within, and it's founded upon a firm belief in Jesus Christ and His Atonement. Sister Oscarson gave a great talk in last April conference about REALLY believing what we're claiming here. And I realized that if I really do believe in Christ and all the facets of his Atonement, then at the end of the day, at least I can find hope in THAT, and that's all that really matters. SO SMILE! (this is where elder Holland's voice would raise and the skin on his jaw start to jiggle) CHRIST DID NOT DO WHAT HE DID SO WE CAN SIT AND POUT AND MOPE AROUND! " are that they might have joy" -and through Christ it's possible.

Sorry. That was just something I learned this week. In other news, it turns out one of our investigators is super active in another Christian church! Whoa! Had no idea. But he says he wants to find more light. Nice.

AND, I'm staying here in Xihu with Elder Cook for another 6 weeks! Not exactly the mountain I was expecting to climb this transfer, but it's the mountain placed in front of me nonetheless. Clearly I haven't been polished as good as Xihu can get me just yet.

So I've been thinking a lot about motivation lately and Captain Moroni always comes to mind. He inspired his people to victory in a battle that I'm sure more than a few people didn't exactly WANT to fight. But he motivated them by reminding them what they were fighting for. So, what are we fighting for?? What gets you out of bed in the morning? We all fight our different battles every day, so let's do it with renewed motivation and ambition for Christ! Ah!!

Love you all SO much!! 'Till next week! FIGHT ON!!!

Elder Barker


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