January 16, 2017


Xihu, Taiwan


Elder Cook

Took a Polaroid of Us

HHEEYY FAM!! Holy cow. Another week gone. We had like everyday this week basically planned out a week in advance = SO BUSY = SO FUN!!

Something different this week: I ran into 2 Muslims! Never met one before until now. One of them was really nice -his english wasn't very good. The other one kind of went at me a little for being Christian, which like nobody ever does here (he was a vacationer). But I was just super duper nice to him. Gotta love the haters. hahaha I think a rapper said that one time...

Also I know I've talked a lot about the food and stuff before, but this week I found the greatest drink of all time called winter melon mousse and you can get it over in Yuan Lin. Be sure to put that on your must-drink list!

We spent pretty much all Tuesday LA finding with a member we call Chuckles. haha. It was super fun! He got us lunch at an LA's restaurant and dinner at another LA's restaurant. Just the usual. For dinner we had fried squid and giant shrimp which was really good actually! And so he was driving us around all day and LOVES to talk and stuff and he just broke out into Handel's "Messiah" super loud with no shame. hahaha memories.

We haven't found any new investigators lately so I went a little overboard with a guy we started talking to in a 7. He just wouldn't ever give me a good hard rejection so I kept talking to him and he started biking home and I just talked along side him on our bikes for like ten minutes about the Book of Mormon almost all the way to his house...and then I got the rejection. haha but that's okay!! I also used Bryce Harper to talk to a baseball lover about temples and eternal marriages/families. Woo hoo! Later Elder Cook asked "Who the heck is Bryce Harper?".......oh no.

So you know it's next level stuff when a picture of you, your companion, and your investigator gets on your investigator's 2017 calendar! haha. The little 9 year old girl of the three musketeers (her English name is Kelly) had a big ol' pic of us three on her calendar for the entire year. How cute is that? Changing lives out here. They did all give Elder Cook and I quite the scare Sunday morning though when they texted us and said they didn't really feel like coming to church or some trash. haha. Problem is they need to come to church 3 times to get baptized and we had their bap interviews all set up with the zone leaders cuz it was stake conference and this would've been their third time at church. What I'm trying to say is that them coming to church was important. So. I called them up and talked things out with the older brother and they said yeah! Kicking Satan right in the face. They came, saw, and conquered their baptismal interviews. They're getting baptized! Woo HOO! So excited for them! As I've been teaching them these last 2 months I've seen their countenance change -they have the light of Christ about them for sure!

How cool is it to be a missionary?

The Book of Mormon talks a lot about baptism...haha duh. In Mosiah 18 there's a cool little part about Alma and his followers. They got baptized and took Christ's name upon them, etc. and in verse 30 there's a cool thing that talks about how those waters they were baptized in were sacred because that is where they came to know their Savior. Whoa. Coming to know the Savior through baptism. Elder Bednar gave a money talk on coming to know the Savior this last conference -maybe you can go check it out! For us who have already been what? You already know it: SACRAMENT. Super cool stuff. "the power of Godliness is manifest" in the ordinances of the Priesthood (d&c 84:20). BOOM! Super cool and super true!!

Love you all ssooo much!! Next Monday might be a little crazy with transfers...we'll just have to see!! Exciting stuff!


Elder Barker


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