January 9, 2017


Xihu, Taiwan


Elder Cook

Been Livin' in the Fast Lane

HEY FAMILY!!! Holy I love you all so much! Fastest week yet!

Yesterday we were biking our way to pick up the 3 musketeers for church and Imagine Dragons' "Polaroid" was going through my head so clearly for some reason. How cool is that? And a little weird.

So last P-day was a blast in Taizhong with a bunch of other missionaries in Feng Jia -that super nice area. We checked out this nike store that had an 8 foot hoop. When Elder Cook tried to dunk it he totally wrecked his elbow, so if you can't tell what that picture looked a lot worse in real life.

Something weird and funny about like the culture or something here is that nobody seems to really know their age. They always give 2 numbers they're pretty sure they're somewhere in between. hahaha I love the people here.

Saw Meet the Mormons for English spiritual share and the football part got me soo fired up for some reason. I miss watching football for sure. They think it's barbaric here. haha

And to use those "pumped up" emotions I go use my new pull-up bar I got!!! WWOOO HHOOO! The variety of my morning workouts just got multiplied by infinity. So that's nice.

After a tough day of riding for miles only to have some lessons cancel, a catholic guy we found like 2 weeks ago who we weren't really expecting to show up did! And we had a sweet 1st lesson and felt the Spirit working through us. BOOM! Missions are the best!!

7/11 sent out a text for a free 100 kuai to all the mission phones and Elder Cook called up a bunch of missionaries and got their codes for the money! Free slurpees for ddaaaayyyyss.

The 3 musketeers' parents said they could get baptized!!! YAY!! haha so that's super sick.

Be careful of the bad habits you're picking up that you don't know you're picking up. Last night at Bishop's for dinner we were eating some delicious pineapple (it's everyone's favorite) and for some reason I grabbed the big 2 liter of orange juice stuff and just started chugging it like it was mine. What the heck. haha. I realized as I was drinking what I was doing and put it down and said in English "I can't believe I just did that". Whoops! Those bad habits just might sneak up on's okay though, bishop didn't seem to care.

I love the classic story in Matthew 14 about Jesus walking on water out to the Lord's disciples. Things were getting a little stormy out there and the disciples looked over and saw the Savior. When Peter found out it was the Lord, he must've had some crazy high confidence for being willing to jump over the boat in a storm to walk out to meet Him. Then storms picked up, Peter wavered and started to sink, then "immediately" the Savior reached forth His hand and pulled him up to safety. I think sometimes I've also felt confident about taking on a new task or project. And then there's other times where I feel like I'm wavering and starting to sink. But I know the Savior's hand is quick to rescue!! He's waiting there to grab us and lift us up to safety, but we gotta reach out our hand to grab on.

Well, I'm gonna go play some ball and eat some pizza. haha. Have the best week ever!! Love ya all soo much!! FIGHT ON!!

Elder Barker


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