January 1, 2017


Xihu, Taiwan


Elder Cook

In the Winter you can Build a Swimming Pool

HEY FAM!!! Holy, seeing you guys last week was definitely at the top of the highlight list! Glad you all had a very Merry Christmas. It helped me start this week off right!

And then right after we skyped, we came home to find our entire deck flooded to our ankles. hahaha. More washer problems. But it's actually no problem (kind of) now cuz we basically just fixed it ourselves! A little creativity, lots of prayers, and a few zip ties can go a long way. haha

Then Tuesday we went on exchanges with the zone leaders in Caotun. Their apartment is like up in the cool green mountains, right next to this gigantic buddhist sanctuary thing. When the rains and clouds came the next morning, it looked ssoooo sick. Like straight out of a movie. Should've taken a picture -next time!

I went on exchanges with Elder Christensen from Bluffdale, and he is like next-level studly. Learned a ton from him! One thing he kept talking about was that you gotta love your mission, and you could totally see his attitude toward his mission in his countenance! I hope others can see my love for my mission in my countenance too! We saw some cool miracles like finding this one guy who's mom just passed away and was interested in hearing about the plan of salvation, and one of their investigators literally asked us if he could set a baptismal goal. hahaha. nice. Also ate some pig ear for dinner.....weird but okay.

So that was fun for a change. Besides that, we played lots of Uno with investigators and members. I forgot how fun that game is! The 3 musketeers were loving it. haha. So simple too. And this one guy we found 2 or 3 weeks ago came by the church and was asking all these great questions about the Book of Mormon and stuff! He's super cool. Ah. I love bringing truth and joy to people. We're almost like Santa Claus.

Oh yeah, it's new years...not much really happened for that either here in Xihu except for every now and then you hear really loud firecrackers. Chinese New Year is Jan. 27th or something like that, and apparently this place goes nuts for it. hahaha. Kind of excited to see that! All the members have already booked our entire eating schedule for that week cuz they LOVE feeding missionaries their weird/cool new years foods. So that's cool!

And in 2 Nephi 5, Nephi talks about how going to work brings happiness and fulfillment. SO TRUE!! Never been truer until I came out on a mission too! The feeling of happiness from winning a game of Uno is just different. Going to work just brings that feeling of fulfillment and content. And now that we all have our goals for the new year, I know that as we work hard to hit our goals we can make 2017 the best year ever. I know that for me, I'm happiest when I've had a good day of working hard -which is like every day on a mission, so that means....yup. Love it!

Ok! Wish you all the best year ever!! Love ya soooo much! FIGHT ON!!!

Love ya!
Elder Barker


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