December 26, 2016


Xihu, Taiwan


Elder Cook

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

FAMILY!! I hope you all had a great Christmas! I'm super excited to talk to you in a sec....

But k. Holy. Insane week again. Started off by going up to Taizhong for p-day. We took a freight elevator up a building that had a Maserati and Ferrari store on the bottom....such a cool view!! Like an Asian NYC or Chicago. Then we walked around some crazy malls, and made sure to stop at the massage chairs. I was dying. THEN we met up with some other elders and ate at a super good New York style pizza place.

THEN: on the way home from that, we went on exchanges and i went over to Yuan Lin with Elder Anderson! Super studly missionary. It was fun to have that. Saw some miracles. It's too bad we got a call Sat. that he's moving back to his old area today....we don't know why. So that was fun to spread the gospel with him for a day. haha. Then, Tuesday night, we slept over at their apartment so we could get the train to Tainan in time for zone conference. I took the couch.

Then, Zone conference. Basically just a choir performance with a very delicious Christmas dinner. haha. But we got to meet up with some old MTC buddies. Fun. That went super late so had to stay the night AGAIN in Yuan Lin! Took the couch again. Yeah so I wore the same everything Monday through Thursday. That missionary life though. To say the least, it felt ssooo good to finally get home. Plus, I had a package from my family waiting for me!!! Tender mercy.

In other news...I got air in my tires! hahaha -she rides like new! So smooth. Also I saw a flat bed truck with a bunch of straw hats from Mulan poking up and then I saw eyes under the hats and realized it was a truck full of old a-mas (grandmas) heading to the rice fields. real. life. crazy.

In stark contrast to that, Elder Cook and I found the most expensive thing for sell in Xihu. A Mclaren!! Looked real good. And then literally 20 minutes later we saw an all white Ferrari roll by. Merry Christmas to me!

Speaking of Christmas, that happened. It wasn't actually much at all. We pretty much just celebrated it by listening to Frank Sinatra's old school christmas stuff on repeat. That's about as good as it gets. And we got taken back to that super good hot pot place. hahaha.

So I was reading through 1 Nephi 11 Christmas night and it was talking about Christ's life -the condescension of God. He came into this world, set the perfect example for us, and saved us from sin and death. That is the Christmas spirit. Love it. "Christ the Savior is born, Christ the Savior is born/ Silent night, Holy night, Son of God. LOVES PURE LIGHT. Radiant beams from Thy holy face, with the dawn of redeeming Grace. Jesus, Lord at Thy birth. Jesus, Lord at Thy birth."

Sweet!! Love you all! Have the best week ever! FIGHT ON!!

Elder Barker


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