November 21, 2016


Xihu, Taiwan


Elder Hanna

Hot! Hot! OH YEAH we got it!

Hey family!!! It is always just the best ever to get to talk to you all! I love you all so much!

Wow. Ok lemme tell you about my Tuesday: we went to Taizhong for a meeting, ate a big juicy burger from a mall there, met up with some old MTC homies, so fun. THEN! We barely made the train back, my head was THROBBING, had to carry a giant water filter back, my back pack strap broke, just put money on my bus card that all a sudden decided to stop working so had to scramble for change, got home too late for dinner and had to haul to a lesson at the chapel. And with ALL THAT, I put a smile on and helped teach a women the 1st lesson. THEN an LA who loves buying us stuff got us vegetarian dominoes pizza and we ate it at 8:30 outside a 7 at a table that had no chairs, and then a crazy guy told us he shaved his head cuz he has to go to jail for 40 days. hahahaha. That missionary life tho!!

There's these random GIANT houses here in Xihu in a gated little community that even had a lawn and stuff and the gate was open. Intimidating! But we said "I fear no man!" and tried to talk with them. We found a super cool kid who has been contacted before with his mom and said his mom still prays sometimes to help her quit smoking. Hopefully we can meet up with them soon!

Wednesday, we had a sweet lesson planned for the Jiang family @ a member's house with food but interviews with the President in Yuan Lin went way too long, and we couldn't get back in time to even eat dinner cuz we had to hustle to get to English class, no lesson, and threw some 9-kuai sweet potatoes in the microwave before planning and ate some leftover cake the Jiangs brought us for dinner. And in the process of cooking the sweet potatoes, I melted a plastic plate in the microwave! Who knew?? Oh, apparently my trainer actually. haha. He just said, "Haven't you ever used one of these before?" talking about a microwave. hahaha. oh well.

That same LA took us back to my fav hot pot place with the train!! SO GOOD!! I ate stinky tofu and 1000 year old egg while there too! That was for lunch. Then that same day the Jiangs took us to ginger duck hot pot for dinner! Also so good! The people here...

One of our investigators has read to Alma before our 2nd visit with her! Elder Hanna and I just looked at each other and smiled real big. hahaha. I'll never forget that. Hopefully she'll keep reading! And we also set a white Christmas baptismal goal (Dec. 24th) for a new investigator named Stitch! We're seeing miracles here in Xihu!

The mission has brought me closer to the Savior. And when you come closer to Him, at least in my experience, you realize more and more your own nothingness -something kinda like "come unto me and I will show unto you your weaknesses" (ether 12:27). I think one of my biggest weaknesses is selfishness. When things get hard, turning inward instead of outward. But the Savior gave a far better example! He was perfectly selfless. His atonement is enough to prove that point. I'm so amazed at His behavior even as he was on the cross -turning outwards by making sure His mom got taken care of and praying for the salvation of those who crucified Him. Wow. It's so hard to do sometimes, but I know that Christ's grace is sufficient to strengthen our weaknesses! I know it! That's kind of what I'm trying to work on right now.

Gotta go! Love you all so much! So grateful for all your love and support!

Have an awesome Thanksgiving!! Fight on!!!!

Elder Barker


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