November 14, 2016


Xihu, Taiwan


Elder Hanna


HHHEEEYYY FAMILY!!! What's up??? haha. So great to talk to you! I love you so much!

Wow. You know when you look back trying to remember stuff and it seems like it was forever ago, but actually just yesterday? That happened everyday to me this week. Crazy!

Earlier this week we helped some guy move we've never met -he's like the brother of a sister that's a member that used to live here but moved somewhere else. Something like that. Anyways, his apartment was a complete disaster. hahaha. Had a pet turtle chilling in the corner (he already killed 2 little baby ones somehow...) and a pet spider that Taiwan doesn't have an anti-venom for! haha. And Elder Hanna has one of the worst fears of spiders I've ever seen! hahaha. Too funny. Also, this guy had a giant picture of his mom's face in his closet. hahaha. Yup.

So yeah, we're pretty much tight with all the restaurant people around here. They call us Elder and will even sit down while we eat and talk with us sometimes. The people are too good. My butt is used to my bike seat by now, and little bugs crawl on me and I don't even really notice! It's great!

There's all these stray dogs in the streets and for the first time one of them started chasing me, trying to nip my ankles! haha. Kind of freaked out, I'm not gonna lie. They also like to eat pig skin here in a soup thing...ehhh...and some creepy high school girls asked us for our horoscopes (NO IDEA!). Just the usual.

I had a good laugh this week when I was showing some members the picture of our family at the Polynesian Cultural Center and they thought Nate was one of my little sisters cuz his hair was so long and pulled back behind that sweat band thing. hahaha. C'mon! Also, I had no idea how hard it would be to control a lesson. So funny how quickly distracted and off topic they'll get if you let them. ESPECIALLY our Elder's quorum president. Bless his heart. He's insane. hahaha it'd make you laugh if you saw it! Classic.

Satan's influence on the world we live in is so apparent. Especially his attacks on basic doctrines and truths. What a dirt bag. BUT! I heard something cool this week about how the Book of Mormon teaches us Satan's strategies! Whoa. Plus, I know that is so true!! We can learn his techniques AND how to beat them! That's the biggest thing is that we all just keep fighting him and conquering him. He's desiring to sift us as wheat, maybe burdening us down with negative thoughts or emotions. We can fight it! Look to the Savior and join the fight in His army! I love that and know it's true!

There ya go!! 'Till next week! Love you all ssooo much!! Have the best week ever!

Fight on!!

Elder Barker


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