November 7, 2016


Xihu, Taiwan


Elder Hanna

Missionary and I Know It!

HELLLLOOOOO FAMILY!! WOW what a week this week. I'm discovering that you meet the Asian version of people from back home! hahaha so funny.

But yeah seriously this week has been SSOOO busy! Holy cow. No joke. And mostly with ALL new people! The work is really moving forward. Especially compared to last week's slow speed. Such a miracle! And all this hard work is making me realize how missionaries are literal machines -we work our butts off every day from 6:30 to 10:30 biking around, talking to thousands, teaching hundreds. I'm sleeping the best I've ever slept my whole life! haha. I just have mad respect for all missionaries everywhere! And I think it attests to the power of God to be able to strengthen them. COOL!

I saw a Ferrari here in no big deal or whatever. haha. It makes absolutely no sense cuz I really don't think they have a lot of money here. Then I was talking to a guy and he told me the Cubs won the World Series!! I was kinda freaking out and just gave him a huge, super awkward high 5! hahaha. I love the people here so much! We also went to a new 7/11 to try to contact some people and awkwardly contacted their manager. And he gave us free ice cream! haha. So great.

President has been pushing hard for us to really be using the Book of Mormon more in ALL aspects of the work, and this has led to finding more and more potential investigators who are sincerely interested and actually want to set up and meet with us! That's why we've been biking from appointment to appointment this week! It's our sickle (from D&C 4) and it gets me so excited to go out the door every day and find new people! Ah! I just love the Book of Mormon so much!! haha

I got me a SWEET personal blender I can take with me from apartment to apartment for smoothies! So that's a highlight. And Mcdonalds before ZTM this week tasted strangely good and satisfying. Not that it's better here, it's the same quality, so that really can't be a good sign...

We FINALLY met with the Jiang family again (remember them from like a month ago? haha) and taught them the Plan of Salvation and really hit eternal families hard! I thought it was really awesome! They're such a great family, just ssooo ingrained in traditional Taiwanese religious beliefs. haha. But fear not! They'll get there eventually.

In Alma, it talks about how the Lamanites, those stiff-necked and hard hearted people, had the "power of God work miracles in them" as seen in their willingness to die rather than sin. I was reading this and just thought "wow." Like, it really is a miracle to go from where they were at to where they got to! Their behavior alone didn't change, that definitely wouldn't have been enough. Their whole NATURE changed! I thought about how it's a lot like what I've seen on my mission -dealing with people who's hearts are so set on one way of believing, but that through the atonement of Jesus Christ their whole everything can be changed. Not just their beliefs but their heart too! And here's the cool thing: I know that even if we're not investigators who grew up daoist or buddhist, even if we've been members our whole lives, the atonement of Jesus Christ is still there for us and if we come unto Him, the power of God will work miracles in us. I love it!

Love you all ssoooo much! Thanks for your continual support! Much needed! haha. But hey, FIGHT ON!!!

Elder Barker


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