October 24, 2016


Xihu, Taiwan


Elder Hanna

I'm Lovin' It!

Hey family!! Wow it is SOO good to talk to you all!

Shout out to my dad!! His birthday is on Friday! haha love him so much. I'm especially grateful for the blue-eyes genes that he gave me! Seriously this week Elder Hanna and I were complimented on how beautiful our blue eyes are so many times. Then I realized literally everyone here has the same eye color and hair color! I never realized how much of a melting pot America really is, like with the gene pool and stuff. haha. Weird, but you know it's true!

This week we went to Jia Yi for a mission tour from Elder Funk from the Seventy. Super fun. Not really much to say about it...I learned a lot and ate lots of delicious food (I was introduced to zhua bing! To die for) and got to meet up with some of my MTC brothas. haha. They're all doing good! Something cool we talked about was using social media to spread the Gospel. Not the missionaries using it (cuz we don't have it!!) but to get the members to use it. So there's something to think about ;)

Last P-day we played Settlers of Catan with our WML at his house. It was a little sketchy cuz they had a huge shrine to worship buddah or something (he's the only member of his family) but it was fun! And we all tied! The sad thing is that he's moving today to Taizhong to be a police officer so we won't get to work with him anymore!! Bummer. But good for him! Not a whole lot of crime in Taiwan so he'll probably have a lot of fun writing parking tickets and stuff!

Elder Hanna and I are way excited about a new investigator named Kiki. She came to church last week and in our lesson this week told us she had a special experience with the Holy Ghost while at church. PREPARED!! She has NO Christian background once soever so this will be fun teaching her all this stuff!

Also, I discovered the McDonald's of Taiwan (besides the actual McDonald's)!! It's called Ba Fang! It's sssoooo good -they have like dumplings and pot stickers. And they're are literally everywhere. Even in little ol' Xihu we have 2 Ba Fangs!! I was eating it for lunch this week and thought about how it's kind of like the McDonald's here and then "ba ba pa pa baaa I'm lovin' it!" came to my head. Revelation! haha cuz I really love eating their pot stickers and dumplings, but also cuz that little annoying line totally applies to my mission!! haha. I'm just lovin' it right now! So grateful everyday to labor in the Lord's vineyard here in Taiwan and give Him everything I've got. It's the best!

While at the mission tour, we talked about not just getting our investigators to grab onto the iron rod for themselves but to really continually be holding fast. I have a testimony of how important this concept is! And I know that as we are continually in the scriptures and the Spirit is working on us, we are also repenting. 3 months into my mission and I think I'm starting to like the Chinese language a little bit. haha. But in Chinese, the characters for repentance (hui gai -see below) means "every day heart change". WHOA! That's so deep, but exactly what we should be striving for! So grateful Jesus Christ's atoning sacrifice provides for a way to do this. When the Gospel is this great, how could it NOT be true?

'Till next week fam!! Love you all so much! Have the best week ever! Fight on!!

Elder Barker


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