August 31, 2016




Elder George

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Hey family! Another week gone here in the MTC. haha but wow I love getting to talk to you all!!

So Christmas at the MTC in August was lit! Seriously so funny and hilarious. Everybody in the MTC heard about our holiday celebration. hahaha. And it was legit! Just look at the pics! haha. So get this, we veterans got up at 6 and went around waking up everyone else by singing carols and Elder Council got in a legitimate Santa costume and Elder Boud was in an elf costume, decorated our rooms, had Christmas breakfast (thanks to you mom:), all got in sweaters, set up the tree and presents at the class room, went and ate a Christmas lunch consisting of cheesy potato soup, Christmas ham, and hot cocoa -no joke. It's like the MTC cafeteria knew it was Christmas. I was just sitting there like WOW. Then I got a handwritten letter from Grandma, and it was like the grandparents came over, then at the end of class and planning, we opened our secret santa presents!! So funny. I got two packages of beef jerky. SCORE! Yeah, definitely the highest point here at the mtc. Not sure how to beat that.

When you have something like that, the rest of the week is pretty dull. But a couple other times this week I laughed so hard I cried. First, during zone kickball game (which we do every Friday during exercise time) Elder Driggs, who is the one going to Air Force and actually plays soccer for them there, was struggling big time kicking the ball. First time up, his shoe went farther than the ball. Next time up, he totally missed the ball. We were already giving him a ton of crap. Then his third time up, he backed way up to get momentum or something and started running up to kick and literally face plants so hard on the ground. hahahaha it was so bad we just called the game right then and there. Typical D1 athlete. So all throughout this week, whenever somebody messes up or something we called it "pulling a Driggs". haha. But he looks just like Channing Tatum so he's fine. Then on Sunday night we have a bunch of time between dinner and choir so a bunch of us played signs in the little foyer area in our residence. You should've seen us!! It was the funniest thing, especially when Elder Vera Overjera was in the middle cuz he was ssoooo bad and it was just hilarious. Had to be there I guess.

Speaking of Sunday, I was walking to sacrament meeting and got distracted because there were some Chinese characters etched into the concrete and I was like,"hmm what are those sayi...." BAM!! I slammed right into a pole. Legit. hahaha. Had a nice little goose-egg on my forehead. So of course I was called to give one of the talks during the meeting. Haha fitting.

Later that day, after the devotional, a bunch of elders in my zone went to watch "The Testament" or whatever in mandarin cuz it was playing. I'd say I understood a solid 15%. But when you hear something you know you get way excited and elbow your companion and whisper "hey!! Did you hear that! He just said 'ni hao'" or something like that.

But the close second to Christmas had to be yesterday when we got our swag tags (our name tags that are in all chinese)! We've watched the last two groups get theirs and now it's our turn. A sign of seniority for sure. We were thinking we were gonna get them forever ago, too, so when she walked in with a big bag of name tags we all went crazy. hahaha. Hilarious.

There was a new Taiwan native Elder here that we were talking to one time this week and he was like the happiest person in the world to talk to ever! We're just talking to him about Taiwan and such and then he pulls out his wallet and had a bunch of Chinese pass along cards that were for the whole "Because He Lives" tagline the church just got me thinking that there's definitely a relationship here. Why are we able to be the happiest people in the world? Because we know Christ lives!! Like just think about that for a sec. Because He lives, we're able to have hope for a better world. Because He lives, we can hope in eternal families and being able to see our loved ones who have passed away again. Because He lives, we can improve our lives everyday through repentance. Because He lives, we can overcome all things. And this hope in Him is not like hoping in a worldly sense. We say things like "well I hope I do good on this test" or "I hope it turns out alright", but when we hope in Christ, it's different. With Christ, there is no maybe or uncertainty. Hoping in Christ is a solid trust that He will fulfill His promises to us. Wow. I love that. And I know that if we have that kind of hope in Christ, it will be an anchor to our souls and help us to be the happiest people in the world (see Ether 12:4). I know Christ lives.

K! Till next week fam! Love you all sooo much!

Fight on!!

Elder Barker


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