August 10, 2016




Elder George

All You Need Is Love

FAM!! I love being able to talk with you all! Can't tell you how grateful I am for the support.

hhmmm where to start...a week ago today the new missionaries arrived and guess who is on my floor across the hall!! JAKE HOLLINGSWORTH!!! hahaha. Wow. You should've seen the reunion. We searched high and low for him and when we got to literally the ONLY room in the entire building, let alone floor, that we hadn't checked yet, it was his. Kinda like hunting for an investigator. haha. But anyways, we knock and ask if Elder Hollingsworth was there and he pokes his head around the corner and his face just lights up real big and gave us big hugs!! haha. So yeah, that was pretty awesome.

Yeah the new elders in our zone are super cool too. I'm pretty sure Elder Kafusi still thinks I'm going to Stanford, so that's good. Also we got an Elder who went to Air Force Academy last year and is going back and wants to be a pilot! Thank you Jared Tew and the Tew family for giving me some sort of an in with him. We talked about Air Force for hours! And what are the odds that I would have my Air Force Academy under armour shirt with me here that I got in like 6th grade when we toured their campus! Needless to say, we're buds. haha

So I decided I'm basically the mom here. Like, in a good way. Sometimes, when we get to class, we realize we forgot some important things back at the residence. hahaha. So now every time we're about to go anywhere, I say "k. you got your name tag? what about your card for all our meals? Do you have your glasses?" etc. I also make sure when people aren't feeling well that they're taking some medicine and getting enough sleep. And believe it or not, I even occasionally remind everyone to make their beds on room-check day! hahaha. Thanks for helping me be a great mom, mom! Also, like 2 Sundays ago I guess, I totally spilled some spaghetti sauce on my white shirt at lunch. haha. But then get this: I didn't even put like bleach or tide pen on it. That was because I forgot. Anyways, last p-day when it came out of the wash, you couldn't even tell it happened!! haha. Tender mercy. The Lord is in the details. It's the little things.

A cool devotional last night. Actually both Sunday and Tuesday was cool. Sunday night, Elder Holland's son, president of UVU, spoke to us about Joseph Smith. WOW. The choir sang Praise to the Man as the closing hymn. My arm hairs stood up. Like it was pretty unreal. Then yesterday, Elder Anderson, like the one who's an Apostle, came and spoke to us. I say that because there's a lot of Elder Andersons at the MTC as you can imagine. haha. Anyways, I just left that devo feeling encouraged and more motivated. His grandson is actually in my zone from Bountiful. Pretty neat.

This week was kind of one of those "low" weeks as far as the language. I felt like I kind of hit a wall and just need to reevaluate my language study plan. But don't fear! I just went to the mtc store and loaded up on flash cards and I think I have a system I'm going to try. It's hard because we're starting to teach our investigators the Plan of Salvation (yeah, four weeks out and we're just getting to the second lesson...maybe there's a reason I'm here 9 weeks...) and it's a bunch of new vocab we don't feel comfortable with so it felt kind of like starting over. AAHHH!! but hey that's okay. Christ never gave up and his mission was infinitely times harder than mine, so why should I ever even falter in my energy and focus?

So that was kind of the downs of the language this week, but there were also some highs! We teach these things called TRCs where we teach simple lessons with members, like RMs or even some Taiwan natives that have been living here for awhile, in Chinese where we basically just try to talk with them and share a simple thought and really just try to bring them closer to Christ. Anyways, this was our second time doing it this week and I walked out of it this time feeling ssooo good about it! My ability to understand their words was increased and my love for these people was just so high. Pretty cool. Kind of along those lines, last night before the devotional we were all waiting in line outside and right behind us was this big group of Asian elders who had mandarin name tags. We started talking to them in Chinglish because they were trying their English and aaahhhhhh!! it's hard to explain like just my love for them! They were from Taiwan! One of them said he was going to tell his dad to get ready a bunch bugs and monkeys for us to eat when we get there. I thought he was kidding. One of the other elders said in Taiwan they don't eat that blah blah blah and then this other Elder is like "My dad different". Oh boy. hahaha I honestly can't even wait though. It was definitely a highlight. We were standing there talking with them and just laughing our heads off and the Holy Ghost filled me with the love of God for these people. That is my motivation for trying to learn this language!! Because I love them and want to be able to teach them about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! Paul talks about how even if you have faith to move mountains, if you don't have charity, you're nothing. Christ-like love is the motivation!

And along THOSE lines, I kind of want to share a thought to close. In Lehi's dream, the tree of life represents the love of God. The fruit of the tree of life is the whitest, purest, and most delicious of tastes. So what is the fruit of the love of God? I mean, I don't REALLY know, but I think it has a whole lot to do with the atonement. As I have used the atonement in my own life and felt the cleansing and sanctifying that comes from that, I can testify that it truly is the most delicious taste I've ever experienced. I invite us all to use Christ's gift of the atonement everyday in our lives. It tastes so good!!

Love you all!! FIGHT ON!!!

Elder Barker


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